The difference and application of folding machine and bending machine press brake

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The difference and application of folding machine and bending machine press brake

At the beginning of the article, I will directly write the characteristics of the folding machine and bending machine press brake


The size accuracy controlled by the bending machine is the size accuracy of the short side of the rear stopper. After the completion of bending, the final error accumulates to the size of the inner space. Especially when the large plate is bending, it is difficult to ensure the consistency of the rear positioning and the synchronization of the supporting material in the multi-person bending process press brake cnc hydraulic.

The main application of the folding machine in the following scenarios: (1) large plate: more than 2 meters or single bending difficult to locate and ensure the accuracy of the plate. The heavy plate: more than 30 kg. ⑶ Surface requirements without damage: pre-coated plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, etc. ⑷ High requirements for size and Angle accuracy: to meet the subsequent welding accuracy requirements. ⑸ a variety of small batch of general tool a machine to complete all the processes. By bending the arc, the painting is obtained. Ensure that the JIT production mode is met. ⑻ Product quality: the boss needn't look at the operation staff's face.

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Working principle of folding machine

The main working principle of the folding machine is as follows: (1) the folding machine for the plate is placed on the workbench, by the rear stop material stop designated position, the blank holder beam tool pressed the plate, the folding beam tool to achieve up and down flanging action. The folding machine is mainly composed of four parts: the rear stopper table, the blank holder beam, the bottom beam and the folding beam.

Application analysis of folding machine

The choice of folding machine mainly consider the following 10 factors: (1) folding and bending principle of the different. The datum of the expanded graph is different. The bending dimensional accuracy of the different. The Angle precision of bending is different. The problem of scratch damage on the surface of the material. ⑹ The requirements of technical level of workers. ⑺ Tool configuration. ⑻ Tool life. Operation position. We will have different driver systems.

When the bending machine is working, the material will produce relative movement in the next knife die, and in the absence of surface protection, will leave indentation. In the bending of large workpiece, need to turn over and move many times, the process will inevitably produce scratches.

When the folding machine is working, no matter the blank holder tool and the folding beam tool and the material have no relative movement, so as to completely avoid surface damage. When the large workpiece is bent, because the plate is processed flat and positioned at the same time, all the processing on one side of the workpiece can be completed and the surface damage can be completely avoided.

electrical crowning

At the end of the article, xiaobian introduces the following equipment; The bending speed of the SERVO flexible bending center AT S2000 is only 0.2 seconds per knife. The equipment can automatically fold up and down according to the bending process to realize the combined bending of circular arc, pressing edge and various angles, which saves a lot of labor and mold cost for the enterprise. Processing sheet size is 2000mmx1500mm, control X, Y, C, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, W1, W2 a total of 9 axes.

Flexible bending center can work independently and can efficiently produce various specifications of parts. The universal mold can be automatically adjusted according to the size set by the program without any adjustment time, ensuring the safety of the operator and the quality of the product.

The positioning process is only completed at the beginning of the entire bending, in this cycle to operate, from the beginning to the completion of the processing, the bending plate and the rotating structure remain unchanged, 0.01 degree resolution is to ensure higher production flexibility.


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