The Difference Between Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and CNC Servo Turret Punch Press

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The Difference Between Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and CNC Servo Turret Punch Press

1.Processing materials

Fiber Laser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, ...), non-metallic materials (acrylic, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, carpet, etc. )material. It can cut carbon steel up to 20mm thick.

CNC punching machines can basically only punch metal materials, and the thickness is generally not more than 6mm.

2. Processing flexibility

From the perspective of flexibility, the Fiber Laser Cutter has more advantages. It can cut holes of any shape and size. The laser cutting has a high degree of flexibility, fast cutting speed, short production cycle, no deformation of the laser cutting process, no tool wear, and easy operation; The CNC servo turret punch press can only cut a limited number of holes. When encountering special-shaped and large-size holes, the small die step punching process is used, which has low efficiency and serious die wear.

In order to adapt to the processing needs of different products, CNC punching machines must purchase a lot of molds (different sizes, the same size but for different thicknesses of materials), furthermore, a warehouse for storing molds must be prepared, which increases the demand for mold management. In addition, CNC punch presses have higher requirements on the flatness and surface cleanliness of the plates.

3.Functions and limitations

Laser cutting machine and CNC servo turret punch press have their own functional limitations.

If you need to realize the functions (process) such as blinds, shallow drawing, countersinking, flanging holes, ribs, embossing, etc., you can only use CNC punching machines; for saw blades with silencers, only laser cutting machines can do .

     The CNC servo turret punch press has functions that laser cutting machines cannot replace, such as forming processing. The CNC servo turret punch press has all the functions of laser, and has the characteristics of processing molding and processing three-dimensional shaped parts. Laser cutting is likely to produce unavoidable burns and scalds on board processing, but laser cutting is more precise.

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