The difference between NC press brake and cnc press brake

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The difference between NC press brake and cnc press brake

Some people often ask which is better, the electro-hydraulic synchronous CNC press brake and the torsion shaft synchronous NC press brake? To say that the difference between the torsion shaft NC press brake and the electro-hydraulic CNC press brake is that the structure on both sides of the bending slider to ensure synchronization The torsion shaft is synchronized by connecting the rigid shafts of the two cylinder pistons at the same time, while the electro-hydraulic servo is synchronized by the servo synchronization valves on both sides. Because of this, the electro-hydraulic servo has high synchronization accuracy, has real-time error feedback, and the bending slider has strong anti-deflection load capacity. The human body torsion shaft synchronous press brake has low synchronization accuracy, no error feedback, and the bending slider has poor anti-deflection load capacity. In general, the hydraulic control system of the electro-hydraulic servo press brake is more complicated than the torsion shaft synchronous press brake, so the price of the whole machine will naturally be slightly higher. We said that the situation of each factory is different, different customers have different requirements for workpiece processing, and different requirements for bending efficiency. There is no complete statement of which is better and which is not good. Is a positive solution.

First of all, we first introduce their working principle.

Torch Bar NC press brake

1. Performance characteristics of torsion shaft synchronization:

1. The technical field of torsion shaft synchronous press brake, in particular to the torsion shaft synchronization device of the press brake.

2. The torsion shaft synchronization device includes a synchronous torsion shaft, a swing arm connected to both ends of the synchronous torsion shaft, and a link connected to the swing arm


3. One end of the swing arm is movably connected to the synchronous torsion shaft, and the other end of the swing arm is movably connected to the connecting rod.

4. The bottom end of the connecting rod is provided with a swing arm pier, a slider reinforcement rib is provided below the swing arm pier, and the slider reinforcement rib is provided

It is inside the slider and supports the slider.

5. Realize that the two ends of the synchronous torsion shaft can move synchronously, so that the two ends of the slider can move up and down synchronously to meet the requirements of its balance.

The torsion axis servo press brake has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple assembly adjustment, simple part processing, and improved product quality.

Secondly, if it is two press brakes of the same type, the other aspects are the same.

For the NC synchronization, there is also a torsion axis synchronization, but all aspects presented are also different, such as structure and working efficiency.

Rate and so on.

Second, the performance characteristics of using servo CNC synchronization:

servo valve

1. The fuselage adopts finite element analysis design and vibration aging to eliminate internal stress, making the fuselage stable and reliable.

2. Using the principle of lever to design a unique rear drive device of the cylinder, which not only reduces the working pressure of the system, but also improves the system

Load capacity. Increased system durability and mechanical motion stability.

3. There is a multi-point positioning device on the right end of the slider, which can easily adjust the slider to implement any positioning, and can complete six kinds at one time.

Positioning at different angles reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves work efficiency.

4. The left end of the slider is equipped with a worm gear motor and an eccentric shaft, which not only facilitates the balance adjustment of the slider, but also satisfies the cone-shaped bending

And other special processing needs.

5. The lower die is designed with a deflection compensation die holder and a deflection plate, which not only ensures the straightness of the processed workpiece, but also ensures the angle of the processed workpiece

-Consistency improves the geometric accuracy of the parts.

6. The backgauge support is close to the fuselage, which not only ensures the maximum width of the complex workpiece processing, but also increases the stability of the block.

7. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure return function. When the press brake reaches the preset pressure, the slider will automatically return, which guarantees

The safety and reliability of the system makes the processing of workpieces easier and more convenient.

8. The side of the working table is provided with a T-shaped groove, which not only facilitates the movement of the front support frame, but also facilitates the fixing of the short lower mold.

9. Adopting advanced plug-in valve group, and the air cooling device is added to the machine tool above 160T, which slows the increase of oil temperature and guarantees

The reliability and safety of the machine tool operation.

10. The electrical control system is equipped with the PLC made by Mitsubishi Japan and the micro switch made by Omron, which greatly increases the durability of electrical components,

Reliability and security.

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