The importance of bending press brake machine in die industry

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The importance of bending press brake machine in die industry

What is the trend of bending press brake machine mold application field? Below is the introduction to bending machine mould application trend is introduced, many users now tend to use CNC bending machine tooling, but ordinary bending machine mould market is still very big, is mainly used to take a variety of sizes pass sheet metal bending processing, in the large electrical control cabinet processing industry has broad market, also can be used for other large quantities of stainless steel sheet metal processing.

1, CNC bending machine system presents three development trends

Bending machine is a kind of can be carried out on the thin plate bending machine, the structure mainly includes the bracket, workbench and clamping plate, workbench on the scaffold, workbench consists of base and the clamp, the base through the hinge is connected with the clamping plate, the base is composed of shell, the coil and plate, coil placed inside the shell of the sag, the depression at the top of the cover plate. When used, the wire is energized to the coil, and after energized, the pressure plate produces gravity, so as to achieve the clamping between the pressure plate and the base plate. Due to the use of electromagnetic force clamping, the pressure plate can be made into a variety of workpiece requirements, and the workpiece can be processed on the side wall, the operation is also very simple. From the current point of view, the development trend of CNC bending machine system is mainly reflected in the performance, function and architecture of these three aspects, the specific expression is:

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A, performance,

1. High precision, high speed and high efficiency

Efficiency and quality are the key performance indexes and the main body of advanced manufacturing technology. If the high-speed CPU chip, RISC chip, multi-CPU control system, high resolution detection components, AC digital servo system, supporting electric spindle, linear motor and other technologies can greatly improve the efficiency, improve the quality and grade of products, shorten the production cycle and improve the market competitiveness. In the next few years, ultra-precision CNC bending machine punch is to precision, high speed, intelligent and nano development, convergence of a new generation of CNC bending machine tools.

2. Flexibility

CNC bending machine system adopts a new generation of modular design, wider functional coverage, stronger reliability, to meet the needs of different users. The same teamwork control system can automatically adjust the information flow dynamically according to different production processes, giving full play to the function of teamwork control system.

3. Multi-axification

Multi-axis linkage processing, parts in a CNC bending machine tool clamping, automatic tool change, rotating spindle head, rotating table and other operations, complete multi-process, multi-surface composite processing, not only high smoothness, and efficiency is also greatly improved.

R axis

4. Open software and hardware

Users can according to their own needs, the CNC bending machine system software for secondary development, the scope of use of users is no longer restricted by the manufacturer.

5. Intelligent

In the field of CNC bending machine technology, the research and application of real-time intelligent control is developing along: adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network control, expert control, learning control, feedforward control and so on. Such as programming expert system fault diagnosis expert system, when the system out of the fault, diagnosis, maintenance and so on to achieve intelligent.

Second, the function of

1. Graphical user interface

User interface is the dialogue interface between CNC bending machine system and users, graphical user interface should be suitable for all kinds of users including non-professional users, through the window and single operation, can achieve graphics simulation, graphics dynamic tracking, simulation and fast programming and other functions.

2. Visualization of scientific computing

Information exchange is no longer limited to text and language expression, can directly use graphics, images, animation and other visual information. Visualization technology can be used in CAD/CAM, automatic parameter setting, tool compensation, display and visualization simulation of machining process.

3. Diversification of interpolation and compensation

Interpolation methods include linear interpolation, circular interpolation, cylindrical interpolation, spatial elliptic surface interpolation, thread interpolation, polar interpolation, polynomial interpolation and so on. The compensation functions include verticality compensation, clearance compensation, error compensation of arc interpolation over quadrant, error compensation of pitch and measurement system, tool radius compensation, temperature compensation, etc.


4, high performance built-in

CNC bending machine system installed with high-performance PLC, can directly use ladder diagram or high-level language programming, online debugging and online editing and modification, to establish their own applications.


1. Integration

Using highly integrated CPU, RISC chip and large-scale programmable integrated circuit, and special integrated circuit chip, improve the NC bending machine system integrated circuit density, software and hardware running speed and system reliability.

2. Modularization

To realize the integration and standardization of CNC bending machine system, the CPU, memory, position servo, PLC, input and output interface, communication module, into a standard series of products, constitute different grades of CNC bending machine system.

2, bending machine mold customization solutions

In recent years, the domestic aerospace industry obtained great development, has been made on the depth of technology development, especially in the composite material processing, the application of high precision CNC bending machine tooling, difficult machining material, these technologies in the field of aerospace belong to new technology, new ideas, especially mould customized solutions have become the main topic of industry development. At the same time, in order to deeply understand the processing needs of the aerospace industry and solve the processing problems of various workpiece, the mold manufacturing industry promotes the upgrading of mold manufacturing technology. Through direct dialogue with aviation enterprises, we further understand the problems and solve them.


Currently, the development of CNC bending machine mould manufacturing technology, the time affects the aerospace manufacturing industry overall technology promotion, in order to more intuitive understanding of the material processing technology in the field of aviation, service to solve the great demand of the enterprise, mould manufacturing enterprises to actively develop innovative technology, in terms of attack key-module bending problem, was a major success, for enterprises to improve the machining efficiency, Optimized the processing technology, and constantly carry out new product research and development, for the aviation industry through high quality molds.

Aviation industry in China for advanced technology as well as the demand of precision CNC bending machine, domestic mold enterprise participation by domestic leading industry, to solve the difficult processing materials bending technology research and application of the introduced a number of innovative technology, to provide innovative companies in the field of aerospace, thus promote and drive the progress of the whole industry.

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In the future, the domestic mold industry for the technical difficulties of composite bending processing to provide a full range of forming die for use by businesses, in the face of difficult processing requirements, the enterprises to adopt high quality steel, make the CNC bending machine mold with a strong manufacturing capacity, improve the service life of the product more than 4 times, well above the industry average, for the enterprise to save the mold cost of purchase And improved the processing efficiency of enterprises.

Now, mold manufacturing through precise production process, and strict testing process, to ensure the quality of quality assurance, greatly meet the aerospace field of new materials, new structure, new technology processing requirements, in the innovative concept has been recognized by users.With the rapid development of materials and tool materials and structures in domestic aviation industry, efficient and high-quality bending is the core problem to ensure the machining quality of workpiece and substantially improve the machining efficiency. Therefore, the domestic bending machine mold manufacturing enterprises are constantly providing advanced technology and high-end products to users, and boosting aerospace enterprises to take the lead in practical action.

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