The main characteristics and main characteristics of plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine 1000w

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The main characteristics and main characteristics of plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine 1000w

YC-GB3015 plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine 1000w, also known as plate and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine can not only cut plate, but also can cut pipe profiles (including square pipe, round pipe, channel steel, Angle steel, etc.), and carbon steel, stainless steel can cut. One machine multi-purpose, high cost performance. The bed is made of cast iron bed, rack and pinion drive system, professional pipe cutting numerical control system, high precision, full function, easy to use, simple operation. The plate and tube dual-use fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for comprehensive processing and manufacturing enterprises.


YC - GB3015-1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/6000 w laser cutting machine for the tube plate machine, Can cut 3000mm×1500mm (optional 4000mm×1500mm, 6000mm×1500mm, 4000mm×2000mm, 6000mm×2000mm, 8000mm×2500mm can be customized) sheet, with auxiliary pipe cutting function. Can cut round tube Ф 25mm-160mm, square tube 25mm×25mm-100mm×100mm (diagonal 30mm-160mm), thickness of 3-16mm, length of 6-12m, small slit, and small thermal effect, especially suitable for metal sheet (tube) processing.

Main features:

1, Automatic pipe feeding system, no manual operation, convenient.

2. Integrated structure design, fine line outer edge package design, 0 exposed, cleaner working environment.

3. Fine cutting. The lightweight aluminum telescopic beam reduces the motion driving load as much as possible and automatically compensates for the impact of environmental changes on accuracy.

4, 24 hours long continuous working time, low loss and low failure.

5, high safety factor. Customized fault alarm system, the first time to reflect the running state of the machine; Once the alarm, automatically stop running, into the standby state.

6, round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, metal pipe intersecting line opening, truncation, cutting pipe diameter range value can be greatly adjusted, effectively broaden the equipment utilization rate.

Laser cutter 15

Product advantage

Pipe cutter

1. High cutting precision, smooth cutting, clean, no burr, small material loss;

2. The heat affected zone of laser cutting is very small, and there is almost no thermal deformation.

3. Mass production, high efficiency cutting. Standard pipe length is 6 meters. While traditional machining methods require very large fixtures, laser machining can easily position several meters of pipe clamps, which makes bulk machining possible.

Laser cutting machine is controlled by digital system, which is one of the advantages of laser cutting machine for cutting pipe. Laser cutting pipe technology can handle any programmed shape and can be cut in any direction, enabling a variety of cutting processes for complex pipe structures, such as cutting, chamfering, grooving or punching, notching, etc.

Cast iron bed

Fiber laser cutting machine tool stability requirements are very high, high precision and high stability of the machine tool is conducive to improve the accuracy of laser cutting. The cast iron bed used in this machine has the following characteristics:

1. The casting bed is made of grey cast iron, which has high carbon content and is not easy to be deformed by heat.

2. Casting bed, forming in one body, after aging treatment, its internal stress can be almost ignored, thus high stability, can make the accuracy of the machine for a long time to maintain.

3. Compared with the ordinary welding bed, the casting bed is much heavier and the machine vibration is small, thus reducing the influence of other reasons on the machine tool and improving the cutting precision.

4. Casting bed notch sensitivity is lower, because the bed in transport processing and other links, there will be inevitable accidental gap, cast iron bed due to the material characteristics, will not have any change due to the gap, so as to further improve the comprehensive stability of the machine tool.

Cast aluminum beam

Made to aerospace standard, extruded by 4300 ton press. After aging treatment, the hardness can reach T6, which is the highest among all beams. Aviation aluminum has high enough performance indicators, the strength, plasticity, impact toughness, fatigue resistance and weldability are good, more important is on the premise of guarantee the same performance indicators, cast aluminum beam has a lighter weight, easy to cutting process of high speed movement, under the condition of satisfying precision, realize the fast cutting of all kinds of graphics.

Electric chuck

1 electric chuck is characterized by: fast speed, high accuracy, long life.

2. Clamp and loosen the power chuck driven by the motor by the switch on the electric control box, and control the positive and negative rotation of the motor. The drive voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the voltage adjusting knob on the electric control box. Change the output torque of the motor, adjust the clamping force of the chuck, it is more convenient to use.

 Single table

Application field

★ Can cut metal, a variety of non-metal sheet material, pipe. Especially suitable for stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum, copper, titanium steel, ceramic, silicon, diamond and other materials cutting.

★ Widely used in sheet metal, hardware products, steel structure, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses, jewelry, nameplate, advertising, arts and crafts, electronics, toys, packaging and other industries.

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