The modification of the cylinder in the auxiliary equipment of the qc12k nc hydraulic shearing machine e21s and the main points of use and maintenance ideas

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The modification of the cylinder in the auxiliary equipment of the qc12k nc hydraulic shearing machine e21s and the main points of use and maintenance ideas

In mechanical engineering design, we often encounter several moving sets.For example, the structural design of the auxiliary tooling of the qc12k nc hydraulic shearing machine e21s belongs to the combination of linear reciprocating motion and rotary motion.

The hydraulic shearing machine e21s can complete the reciprocating linear motion of the plate lifting and the rotary motion of any Angle, which can be realized by the cylinder. The fixed value of the cylinder can be lifted to complete the frequent lifting motion of the plate.However, only by the standard cylinder, it is impossible to realize the action of plate rotation Angle at the same time.At the same time, because the mass of the plate is too large the piston rod of the cylinder and the non-rigid sealing ring, it is difficult to withstand the push, pull and drag of the plate.

In order to overcome the above contradictions, a special sleeve is designed at the top of the sleeve, and a rolling bearing is set inside the sleeve. The bearing upper seat is fixed on the upper worktable, and the lower seat is fixed on the screw joint at the top of the piston rod.The whole sleeve uses its own fastening bolt to fix the top of the cylinder.


The function of the whole structure is: by the movement of the rolling bearing to realize the plate in any Angle of rotation;By the sleeve sleeve and jacket sliding to offset the plate in the push, pull and drag caused by the larger inertia force.In this way, the cylinder piston rod can avoid bending, making it durable.

The design of the cylinder liner of the hydraulic shearing machine needs to pay attention to the following points:

A. The upper end of the jacket should be opened to exhaust air so that the inner sleeve can discharge air when moving up and down with the piston rod.At the same time, it has the function of oil injection hole.

B. Oil storage rings shall be processed on the outer surface of the inner sleeve to store lubricating oil or grease appropriately.

In addition, if the upper end cover is in the way when assembling the sleeve, if the size is in the way, it can be processed appropriately without affecting the strength, so that the inner sleeve can move freely.

With simple mechanical method, the mechanism combination of linear reciprocating motion and rotary motion is realized.

Practice has proved that this is a low-cost, simple and applicable new mechanism.It not only expands the use range of the cylinder of the plate shearing machine, but also improves the supporting stiffness of the piston rod.In a specific working environment, the service life of the cylinder can be improved several times.

electrical box

Hydraulic shearing machine according to its tool rest movement is divided into linear and swing type.Straight-line structure is relatively simple (such as gate, so it is also called gate), easy to manufacture, the blade section is rectangular, four edges can be used as the blade, so it is more durable.The tool rest of pendulum plate shearing machine swings around a fixed point when shearing. It has the advantages of small friction and wear between upper and lower cutting edges, small blade deformation and high shearing accuracy.

The main points of use of hydraulic plate shears:

1. The thickness, material performance and shape of the shear sheet shall be coordinated with the shear method and the shear equipment, and shall not be operated in violation of regulations.

2. Before cutting, adjust the clearance of the blade according to the thickness of the sheet material, and check whether the cutting edge is sharp.

3. Adjust the blocking device according to the size of the shearing plate, tighten the screws after the test is qualified, and check and adjust regularly during batch production.

DAC360 Shear 4

4. Before using the shearing machine, check whether the clutch, brake and safety device of the shearing machine are normal.

5. When multiple people operate, cooperate and coordinate, and abide by the safe operation rules.

When the oil pump is noisy, the oil suction resistance of the oil pump is large.Check the oil inlet and filter screen to remove the blockage.The oil level is low.Fill the tank to the center line of the oil window.Oil has a high viscosity.Replace the hydraulic fluid.The oil temperature is too low.Start the oil pump to run idle for a while to warm up or install the heater.

The oil circuit can not be built up pressure, the tool holder does not act, the solenoid valve electrical plug contact is bad.Check the plug.Solenoid valve core is stuck or brushed.Remove the spool and grind.There are sundries in the sealing mouth of the valve core that can not seal.To clean.The throttle hole in the valve is blocked.Disassemble and clean.

Hydraulic shears hydraulic system maintenance thinking, hydraulic system failure should be in line with the principle of first easy after difficult, first outside after inside, first electrical control after hydraulic control.Check the hydraulic schematic diagram, understand the logical relationship of action, do not blindly start.The relationship between pressure and flow is that flow produces pressure, so as to analyze the cause of failure.Inquire with the operator about the condition of the equipment and the anomalies that occur when the fault occurs.

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