The positioning of high power laser cutting machine is the future trend

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The positioning of high power laser cutting machine is the future trend

In this era of rapid development, efficiency has become particularly important, in the industrial manufacturing industry, high power laser cutting machine has undoubtedly become a representative of efficient tools, the major manufacturers have been toward a larger area, higher precision, higher power direction development.

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Fiber laser cutting machine according to the output power, generally we are divided into two kinds, low power and high power, low power laser is mainly used in electronics, ceramics, glass, hardware, textile, auto parts and other light industrial manufacturing, and high power laser is generally used in sheet metal processing, large machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, aerospace and other heavy equipment manufacturing.

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Traditional high-power machining is mainly realized by cutting and welding equipment such as traditional punching press and resistance welding. With low efficiency, poor precision and high loss, it has been unable to meet the needs of manufacturing upgrading. The accelerated replacement of traditional equipment by high-power fiber laser cutting machine has become obvious.

Although the research and development of high power fiber laser is relatively late compared with foreign countries, the development is rapid.


Since the first half of 2018, Dazu Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has been working hard to break through a series of technical barriers to laser cutting of ultra-thick plates, and successfully mastered 20KW laser cutting technology with extremely high power. The cutting thickness of stainless steel has been increased to 100mm, and the cutting efficiency and equipment reliability has been increased by more than 20%.

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20KW fiber laser cutting machine adopts HF series and super large format series laser cutting machine from Dazu Laser Intelligent Equipment Group, with excellent dynamic performance, long-term stability and reliability.

Aiming at the 20KW laser cutting machine, the high power bed protection technology is developed to effectively solve the bed heat conduction and heat penetration problems, to ensure the long-term high precision, high stability and service life of the machine. At the same time, it is equipped with high power machine tool protection technology. Through structural optimization and reasonable coordination of protective materials, it can protect the main frame of the cutting table while extending the service life of vulnerable parts such as support bars and reducing the operating cost.

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With the expansion of the market, the increase of domestic independent research and development of key components, the cost of fiber laser cutting machine will be further controlled, and equipped with Chinese core fiber laser cutting machine, with its higher cost performance, shorter supply cycle, faster service speed, occupy a broader market.

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