The purchase problem of QC12K 6X3200 hydraulic metal shear machine and the control requirement of shearing machine system

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The purchase problem of QC12K 6X3200 hydraulic metal shear machine and the control requirement of shearing machine system

Stainless steel sheet material is harder than other metal sheet materials, and may produce greater shaking during cutting, which may cause the machine body to be unstable. Therefore, the body of QC12K 6X3200 hydraulic metal shear machine is usually more stable than ordinary shears. The blades are also mostly made of Gyulosil, which specializes in cutting stainless steel sheets. Compared with other materials, it has higher hardness, wear resistance and better toughness. It can withstand high-strength cutting stainless steel and can guarantee the quality of the sheet. The shaft sleeve of the 6x3200 E21S Shears is also very important. It is necessary to choose the wear-resistant and high-precision shaft sleeve. Generally, the copper shaft sleeve is the best. In addition, in the process of operating the stainless steel plate shearing machine, pay great attention to the thickness of the cut sheet material. Usually the pedal shearing machine cuts the stainless steel sheet with a maximum thickness of 0.5 mm. The electric plate shearing machine cuts the hydraulic metal shear machine The thickness of the material does not exceed 1.5 mm.


The control requirements of CNC shearing machine

According to the working characteristics of the shears, the control requirements for the control system are as follows:

1. After power on, check the shape of each working mechanism and control each working mechanism to be in the initial shearing machine.

2. Feeding, the feeding mechanism is controlled by the control system to automatically transport the material to be cut into place.

3. Determine the cutting size, and use the servo motor to control the position of the stopper to ensure the accurate cutting size. However, the size of the shearing machine may also be configured as a cycle change value.

4. Pressing and cutting. After the length of the cut sheet material reaches the set value, the main motor will blow the presser and the cutting tool to press the sheet material first, and then cut the sheet material.

5. The operation of the feeding cart, including automatic return after unloading.

6. The size setting, automatic counting and pre-setting of the number of sheets per car.

7. With power failure protection and power recovery output.

8. It can complete the automatic control of the processing process, reveal the processing parameters, and check the system.

9. Ensure the accuracy of sheet metal processing, processing function and stability.

10. Has an excellent man-machine interface.

With the advancement of social science and technology, many productions made by handicrafts have been replaced by machine production. In order to improve work efficiency in many large factories, it is essential to introduce advanced machinery and equipment. Because when the factory produces products, the raw materials used are all in one piece, so to divide them into product specifications, you need to use advanced cutting equipment and shears. What specifications you want for the product, just adjust Good shear blades can accurately divide materials into desired specifications. Three adjustment and maintenance strategies for CNC shears:

First, Failure and troubleshooting of the hydraulic system of the shears

Symptoms of shearing machine failure: The road cannot build up pressure, and the upper tool post does not move.

Reasons for shearing machine failure: The electrical plug of the electromagnetic directional valve is in poor contact.

Troubleshooting method for shearing machine: Check the electrical plug.

The spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve is stuck by debris or does not move on the roughened surface; the sealing port of each valve core of the combined valve is not closed due to debris: The throttle holes in the combined valve are blocked, check, remove and wash.

The return stroke of the upper tool post is slow or can not return to the top dead center, and the action sequence of the upper tool post and the pressure cylinder is not coordinated: The nitrogen pressure of the return cylinder is insufficient. Check separately and adjust to the rated pressure.

Second, adjustment and operation of shearing machine

1. Adjustment of blade gap

The proper adjustment of the cutting edge clearance is an important factor that affects the cutting quality and prolongs the life of the blade.

When adjusting the gap, temporarily loosen the locking screw, then turn the handle to the required scale value, and then tighten the screw.

The ball valve is used to measure the uniformity of the gap between the upper and lower blades. The specific method is to use a single stroke. When the upper and lower frames reach the bottom dead center, the ball valve is quickly turned to close the oil circuit and the upper tool frame stops at the bottom dead center. Then continue to open and close the ball valve slightly to make the upper tool post rise step by step over the full stroke. At this time, the uniformity of the blade gap can be measured step by step.

2. Preparation before operation

1) Clean the oil on the surface of each machine, pay attention to the engraved line on the stop valve should be in the open position.

2) Inject grease into each lubrication part.

3) Add L-HL46 mechanical oil to the oil tank (the oil must be clean).

4) Ground the machine, turn on the power supply, and check the coordination of the actions of the electrical appliances.

3. Operation

1) Turn on the machine for several cycles, and after ensuring that there are no abnormalities, try cutting different thickness sheets (from thin to thick).

2) During the cutting process, turn on the pressure gauge switch and observe the oil pressure value. If there is any abnormality, the overflow valve can be adjusted to meet the specified requirements.

3) During operation, if abnormal noise or fuel tank overheating is found, stop and check immediately. The maximum temperature of the fuel tank does not exceed 60 degrees.

Third, the safety technology and maintenance of the shearing machine

1. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the shears. The shearing machine is operated by many people at the same time, so there must be someone responsible for directing production.

2. Do not put your hands between the upper and lower blades to avoid accidents.

3. Please don't put all tools on the workbench to avoid accidents caused by rolling into the knife edge.

4. The sharpness of the knife edge should be checked regularly. If the knife edge is found to be blunt, it should be sharpened or replaced in time. The sharpening of the blade only needs to sharpen the thickness of the blade.

5. Check all parts of the shearing machine regularly to keep the machine and surrounding areas clean and the cable insulation good.

6. The mesh-type oil filter installed on the oil suction port of the oil pump should be checked and cleaned frequently to keep the oil filter at the proper amount of oil flow. If the oil filter is blocked, the oil flow will decrease, which will make the oil pump empty and affect the life of the oil pump.

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