The relationship between International Laser cutting machine quality and cutting speed

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The relationship between International Laser cutting machine quality and cutting speed

International Laser cutting occupies a very large area in the I industry manufacturing industry, many metal materials, whether stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy materials, can be cut without deformation.

In the process of laser cutting, auxiliary gas is added and suitable for the material to be cut. When carbon steel is cut, oxygen is used as auxiliary gas to produce exothermic chemical reaction with the molten metal to oxidize the material, and to help blow away the slag in the cut slot.The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle also cools the focusing lens, preventing soot from entering the lens socket and contaminating the lens and causing overheating.Laser cutting machine cutting speed is actually very important, the best cutting speed range can be selected in accordance with the equipment description or to determine with the test, because of the thickness of the material, material is different, high and low melting point, the size of the thermal conductivity and surface tension after melting and other factors, cutting speed is also the corresponding change.


Main performance:

1, a moderate increase in cutting speed can improve the incision quality, cut C] slightly narrower, the incision surface is more flat, and can reduce deformation.

2. Cutting speed is too fast so that the energy of cutting is lower than the required value, and the jet can not quickly blow off the molten cutting melt immediately and form a large amount of trailing, along with the slagging of the incision, and the quality of the cutting surface decreases.

3. When the cutting speed is too slow, the laser beam irradiation of the material surface for a long time, so that the cut [] widened, the molten material on both sides of the incision gathered and solidified at the bottom edge, forming a slag that is not easy to clean up, and the upper edge of the incision due to heating and melting too much and the formation of rounded corners.

Laser cutting out of the material without burr, smooth surface, high precision, better than CNC punch and plasma cutting.For many machinery manufacturing industry, thanks to modern laser cutting system to cut workpieces in different shapes and sizes, it often is better than cutting, moulding I art is preferable, although laser cutting processing speed is slower than die, but it has no mould cost, do not need to repair the mold, also save tool changing time, saving processing costs, reduce the production cost, so the overall consideration is more economical.

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