The same handheld laser welding machine, why the price difference is so big, unexpectedly because of this

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The same handheld laser welding machine, why the price difference is so big, unexpectedly because of this

Hand-held laser welding machine is a widely used model on the market at present, because of its model cost performance, life application is generally recognized by the public, so the price has been an important point of concern, hand-held laser welding machine in its present stage sold the cabbage price, fool operation, has become a general equipment.

A handheld fiber laser welding machine sales staff, currently encountered a problem, the customer always use other cheap handheld laser welding machine equipment price to pressure our price, the price difference of more than twenty or thirty thousand call me how to talk to him?


First of all, here xiaobian to 1000 watt handheld laser welding machine as an example, the laser is generally divided into the following: IPG, Rayke, Chuangxin, Jeput, feibo and other brands, the import is certainly more expensive than the domestic, which is one of the reasons for the price of fiber laser welding machine.

Well, everyone must have decided to choose the laser to compare the price, of course, this core accessories is an important reference index. What about the other accessories? Don't you think about it? Why is the price still different?

Maanshan Durmapress xiaobian to give you an analysis: each company has each company's positioning development direction, some companies do is high-end customers, quality for development, some manufacturers is to charge the price to make money, sales for survival. As we all know, there is a equipment: laser, welding head, power supply, chiller, pull the gold cabinet, industrial computer, even as small as a screw, it will have good inferior inferior points! Secondly, there is a technical level of adjustment, service behavior and other comprehensive consideration of the gap it. How do you choose?

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Durmapress in Ma 'anshan told us that the company purchased a welding machine in the first half of the year with the original intention of increasing production and sales. Unexpectedly, within less than a month, the laser welding repeatedly broke down, and the protective lens was so fast that it burned out again and again, seriously affecting the company's production progress. Now WE really regret the cheap equipment we bought. Thank you very much for double Ma Gong into engineers, provides the technical support, equipment upgrading, solve various difficult problems, always sighed: zhang rather than buy a broke three days at both ends of the welding machine, it is better to buy a configured, although the cost is a little high, but from a long-term point of view, aging, productivity, quality... You can imagine.

Candy Wang, the person in charge of DurmapRESS in Maanshan, told me that major manufacturers widely believe that the quality of a welding machine lies in the welding technique, but ignore the welding process and quality. Handheld welding machine is a new product at present, which leads to a rush of major domestic manufacturers. However, due to the high price of the product, sales are affected. Manufacturers have to reduce the price, resulting in industrial products into fast consumer goods, in order to make a wave of money, this is often in the transition consumer market, and Shuangcheng adhering to the quality first, welding machine maintenance free concept, adhere to the quality control, would rather sacrifice profits and sales, but also to do the quality. Must not violate 'the company strives for excellence in quality to create a world brand management theory. 'Customers with practical! At present, the second phase of shuangcheng welding machine research and development project is nearing the end. Hand-held wire filling welding, robot wire filling welding and other equipment have come out. It is believed that laser welding will completely replace the traditional argon arc welding in the near future! Shuangcheng will help enterprises enter the industry 4.0 era.


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