The significance of energy saving design of hydraulic system in hydraulic plate shears

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The significance of energy saving design of hydraulic system in hydraulic plate shears

The working characteristics of the hydraulic transmission system of the hydraulic plate shears are that the pressure of the system increases and the flow decreases when the shearing plate is cut.Air travel speed, low pressure, flow increases.When shearing, the pressing foot first presses the sheet material, and then shears.In the hydraulic system, the system is heated due to various unnecessary losses. In order to maintain the ideal oil temperature, cooling measures have to be taken, which intensifies the reactive power consumption of energy.Therefore, if the energy saving consciousness is integrated into the design of hydraulic system, the energy saving effect of reducing power loss will be better than the energy saving measures in use.

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With the increasing shortage of energy, the energy saving design of the CNC hydraulic shear is undoubtedly of great practical significance.At present, the energy saving measures mainly focus on the analysis and recycling of energy consumption. Recycling is usually achieved by using accumulators, while the analysis of energy consumption is mainly from power components, executive components and other aspects to reduce energy consumption.

Hydraulic system requirements: the plate to be pressed after the tool carrier can be lowered to shear, that is, there must be a sequence circuit;In the shear to maintain the compression force, that is, to have a pressure retaining circuit;The tool rest needs parallel movement, that is, a synchronous loop is needed to keep the shear Angle unchanged.

The Metal Shearing machines should maintain the appropriate viscosity.Viscosity is the size of the intermolecular friction resistance when the oil flows.When the viscosity is too large, it will increase the conveying resistance in the pipeline, increase the energy loss in the working process, increase the no-load loss of the main engine, increase the temperature rise fast and the working temperature is high, and there may be a "hole" phenomenon at the oil suction end of the main pump;When the hydraulic oil viscosity of the shearing machine is too small, it can not guarantee the good lubrication conditions of the shearing machine, which aggravates the wear and tear of the hydraulic system parts of the shearing machine and increases the leakage of the system, causing the decrease of the oil pump volume efficiency.

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At present, the transformation of the hydraulic shearing machine system mainly focuses on the design improvement of the circuit and the selection of hydraulic components.From the Angle of energy saving, to optimize the design of the hydraulic system pressure, on the premise of guarantee the existing design parameters, can make system circuit of high efficiency, larger limit to save energy, make produce shearing machine equipment conforms to the national energy conservation policy, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market, the existing energy saving transformation method for shearing machine equipment has carried on the beneficial exploration.

According to some statistics, the domestic cutting machine tool using the shearing machine blade efficiency is far lower than the foreign machine tool products, but also in energy consumption than foreign manufacturers consume a lot more, which is tantamount to waste.If efficient cutting can be achieved, this part of the waste can be avoided and great benefits will be obtained in the economy. How to use the blade of the plate shearing machine for efficient and high-quality cutting has become a problem that enterprises want to solve.

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Some enterprises think of is to buy imported CNC system of plate shearing machine, they think that since foreign plate shearing machine blade is advanced then use foreign production of things to achieve the purpose of saving, but the efficient and high-quality cutting method is not through the use of foreign equipment to achieve, this is a long-term proposition,If machine tool production is to reduce waste, it must be improved in some aspects.If you do not give you the imported equipment you will not save much than the use of domestic equipment, and the purchase cost is nearly two times more expensive than the domestic, so it is not completely feasible to solve the efficient cutting in this way.

In the actual production need to pay attention to the quality of the shear blade and so on various aspects of adjustment well is one of the most fundamental factor, efficient high-quality cut cut to know only by changing the tool to improve the quality of, use the blade in the machine tools must also complete, such ability in both cost and realize efficient high-quality cutting plate shears blade of cutting.

What are the reasons for the molding of the bending machine?

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A. The center of the bud bottom hole does not coincide with the center of the bud punch to determine the correct center position, or to move the bud punch position, or to move the bud - edge high - edge low or even break the starting pre-punching position, bending machine mold production, or adjust the positioning.

B. Uneven clearance of concave die, resulting in low or even broken bud clearance of sprout - side high - side repair.

C. The sprout bottom hole does not meet the requirements, resulting in the sprout height and recalculating the bottom hole aperture. The die punching of the pre-bending machine increases or reduces the diameter deviation, or even breaks.

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A. The punch of the forming die is too sharp, causing the material to crack and forming the punch to fix the R Angle. The bending machine mold at the cutting edge should fix the R Angle appropriately.

B. The length of molding punch is not enough, resulting in failure of molding. Calculate the correct length of the punch and adjust the actual length of the punch to meet the molding requirements.

C. Forming punch is too long, bending machine mold, molding material deformation, make sure that the punch is correct length bending machine mold degree, adjust the actual length of the punch to meet the requirements until the punch fracture.

D. The material at the forming place is not enough to cause the crack. Calculate the expansion material, or repair the R Angle, or reduce the forming height.

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E. Positioning -- forming -- adjusting the positioning or feeding device.

F. The forming gap is too small, resulting in cracking or deforming the gap.

Bending production efficiency and cost are very dependent on the mold.For the breakdown of the bending machine mold in the production process, we should analyze the specific problems, formulate the correct maintenance plan, and solve the problems of mold damage, stuck mold, grinding and product quality defects in time.Deal with the relationship between the maintenance and scrap of the bending machine mold, in order to reduce the time of production and repair, shorten the production cycle, the normal production of bending.

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