The structural characteristics of the horizontal three-roll bending machine:

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The structural characteristics of the horizontal three-roll bending machine:

three-roll bending machine Main drive system

The three work rollers of the machine are all driving rollers. The upper roller is the main driving roller, and the power of the upper roller can work under a large working load. The two lower rollers are the auxiliary driving rollers, which are used to feed and prevent the slip that may occur during the winding process of the sheet. The line speed of the upper and lower rollers is matched. The 50*2500 plate winding machine is automatically matched by the hydraulic system in the process of winding.

The upper work roll is driven by a hydraulic motor through a planetary reducer.

The lower work roller is driven by a hydraulic motor through a first stage gear.

The rotation of the three rolls is equipped with a brake device to ensure the accurate positioning of the workpiece during the winding. The device is stable in operation, flexible and reliable in winding.


roll bending machine The hydraulic system

The upper work roller rises and falls, the lower work roller moves horizontally and rotates the upper and lower work rollers, the side inverted bearing body topps and resets, and the feeding device is driven by the hydraulic system.

The main components of the hydraulic system: oil pump, motor, valve components and seals are all made by domestic brands, with stable performance and reliable quality. The system pipeline layout is neat, no leakage.

Operation of three roller bending machine

Three roller bending machine operation requirements:

1, the operator must read the manual of the bending machine carefully, operate strictly according to the operating procedures, the bending machine is strictly prohibited to run with disease, and illegal operation is strictly prohibited.

2. Check the running state of the bending machine regularly. Only when the operating conditions are met, the operators who hold the working certificate of the bending machine can operate after passing the examination.


3. When the tipping frame is completely reset (the tipping reset indicator on the operating table is on) and the balance cylinder has risen to the high point, the upper roller of the bending machine can be lifted, the lower roller can be reversed and the supporting roller can be lifted.

4, only on the roller when high up and roll upper indicator (touch screen), and then touch keeled over in the interface, the rise in support before and after the cylinder after putting in place (i.e., before and after the touch screen support cylinder cap when the light), nantong machine, and then according to the pressure balance cylinder down button is to roll on the tail (preloading amount control at about 4 to 5 mm, 40 * 2500 plate bending rolls, Should not be too much, otherwise it will cause excessive bending of the tail of the upper roller, damage to the upper roller and other workpieces. To set the drop value of the balance cylinder by tipping the frame of the bending machine. (Special reminder: since the foundation bolts of the plate rolling machine chassis have not been grouting, please grouting immediately. After the cement mortar is completed and solidifies, the foundation bolts can be tightened before the overturned/reset operation of the overturned frame of the plate rolling machine can be carried out according to the prescribed procedures.

Winding machine at the beginning of the start of the need to do a good job of preparation, to ensure that the use of the time can be normal operation, and in the start of the time there are some details are also need our attention to good, let's look at the winding equipment ready to start the matters needing attention.

Rolling machine

1, first of all, we need to check whether there is any abnormal situation in each part. If there is an abnormal situation, we tighten some screws to ensure that there will be no loose situation. Only in this way can we ensure that the brake is normal and reliable.

2. The distance of the drum needs to be adjusted strictly according to the thickness of the plate to ensure that the bending machine will not be overloaded when it is running.

3, the coil equipment in operation is not allowed to coil has exceeded the limits of mechanical properties of the workpiece.

4, be sure to ensure that the workpiece has been placed smoothly, wait until the position is correct before you can drive the operation, W11 rolling machine, and need to make clear that the signal is unified by one person to command.

5. It is generally recommended to roll to the end of the steel plate when winding some pieces that cannot be rounded, and reserve a certain margin as far as possible, so as to ensure that the workpiece will not suddenly fall off during processing.

6. The ratio between the radius of the finished product and the radius of the finished product that needs to be rolled should be less than 2 when the thickness of the steel plate is relatively large at the beginning, and then the ratio between the radius of the finished product and the radius of the finished product that needs to be rolled should be less than 2. After 2-3 times of rolling, a relatively small diameter is needed.


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