The Technology for Safe Use and Maintenance of the 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine

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The Technology for Safe Use and Maintenance of the 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine

Whoever before operating and repairing the machine must read this instruction carefully and follow these guidance. This machine will prove to be a dependable and useful aid for working with sheet metal and plates.

The 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine must be taken care of by a person specially assigned. The person who operates and maintanes the machine should learn how to operate and follow the precaution regulations for the sake of safety .

1 The bending force should not exceed the machine’s nominal pressure fiber laser cutting machine.

2 For extending the life span of dies, be careful to choose the appropriate bending width. Particularly, when bending narrow plates, you should lower the working pressure to some extend properly and ensure the bending load be less than following value for each 1 meter. 

3 Choosing suitable mold opening according to different thickness of metal sheet. The size of mold opening should generally be equal to or over 8 times of the thickness of sheet. The bending force can be achieved by chart of bending force(refer to figure 18) or by formula of bending force calculation. 


4 Basically, the plate to be bended should be put in the middle of the machine rather partial load. Meanwhile, avoiding the machine from single-side load which could possibly affect the precision of the work pieces and the machine itself. If it really requires working on single side , the load of it must less than 1/4 of the machine’s nominal pressure. Anyway, you should bend

the plates on both sides simultaneously. The tank applies hydraulic oil N32-N46; the oil used for the first time should be replaced for one or two times during the first 3 months; the temperature of oil under normal working condition is 15℃ to 60℃; clear the net oil filter frequently to keep the oil-absorbing smooth, otherwise there will be vibration when the pump driving.

5 When adjusting the stroke of ram, firstly you must put the ram at the upper limited position of the machine(refer to figure 3 & 4); when starting motor of block adjusting, the block moves up and down; the max adjusting distance is 140mm; observing continually and once there is something abnormal, stop the machine and check.

6 Keep the machine itself clear ; the machine should be lubricated at separate points depending on working condition ; check the oil level in the tank and once there are something abnormal, stop the machine and check.

3000W IPG YLS 2

7 The bevel iron installed on the top of upper die is used for adjusting the gap between upper and down die. Before using, the gap between upper and lower die should be properly adjusted which can ensure each bending angle is the same with others.

8 check and maintain the machine regularly. 

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