Thin plate laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel advantages

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Thin plate laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel advantages

At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in laser processing industry, how to improve efficiency and reduce cost has become the concern of most users. Fiber laser cutting machine with fast cutting speed, small material deformation, high processing accuracy, quickly become the mainstream of the market. The application of high power laser has greatly improved the efficiency of laser processing, the limit cutting speed of thin plate has been able to challenge the control limit of mechanical properties, and the cutting process of thick plate is also constantly breaking through.

Carbon steel this material it is in the carbon content of 0.0218% to 2.11% of the iron carbon alloy, generally also contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements. Theoretically speaking, carbon steel with higher carbon content is the greater the hardness, the higher the strength, but the plasticity is lower. So the advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel? That sheet laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel plate advantages?


Advantages of thin plate laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel:

A, good cutting quality

The cutting quality is good, the cutting seam is small, the deformation is small, the cutting surface is smooth, flat, beautiful, without subsequent treatment;

B, cutting speed is fast

Continuous and fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function, greatly improve work efficiency;

C. High stability

Stable output power, long service life, simple maintenance;

D. Powerful software

Can design all kinds of graphics and text processing, flexible work, high efficiency, simple and convenient mechanical operation.

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For carbon steel processing, the most important is to ensure the accuracy of the product, especially some hardware parts, because most of the applications are in cars and ships, precision accessories, household appliances. Second is the fiber laser cutting machine cost savings and increased benefit. In today's labor shortage, automated production has gradually become the mainstream of the processing industry, so the laser equipment that can save labor but enhance efficiency is destined to become the focus of the market.

Carton packaging industry in coastal areas, especially in the Pearl River Delta region is a mature industry, and the most advanced international production technology is the most close, carton packaging industry scale above production, in the Pearl River Delta region started in the early 1980s, 10 years later than the mainland -20 years. Carton packaging industry in the Pearl River Delta region mature in the mid-1990s, after 15 years of rapid development mainly Hong Kong businessmen, Taiwan businessmen, local entrepreneurs bold introduction of foreign corrugated cardboard production line and carton production line, through the introduction of absorption and digestion until the complete mastery of foreign advanced production technology. It can be said that the pearl River Delta corrugated carton production of our country's entire carton production and processing technology, has made a great contribution. The Yangtze River Delta started earlier and developed later than the Pearl River Delta. Due to learning from the successful development experience of the Pearl River Delta, many detours were avoided. At present, the pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta corrugated carton packaging industry production accounted for more than 60% of the national carton packaging, production technology is relatively leading. In the late 1990s, with the successful development of laser engraving technology, corrugated carton packaging printing plate, gradually applied laser engraving technology. In fact, corrugated carton packaging is divided into two categories, one is sales packaging, the other is transportation packaging. Sales packaging generally belongs to the inner packaging, in the sales process to meet with consumers, such as toothpaste, soap, cigarettes (one pack and one pack). Transport packaging generally belongs to the outer packaging, such as: the whole box of toothpaste, soap, cigarette packaging, basically in the sales process and consumption meet, its main role is convenient storage, transportation. In addition, air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, rice cooker between the two is both transport packaging and sales packaging, printing requirements in about 60 lines, transport packaging is generally in about 40 lines, sales packaging in 80 lines above color offset printing. According to the statistics of relevant departments, more than 90% of our country's cartons belong to transport packaging, the vast majority of the production of carton printing equipment. Laser engraving machine is the world's high-tech products, the product light, machine, electricity integration technology content is very high. Laser engraving has efficient, accurate and clear automatic engraving function. A laser engraving machine output power is only 900W, practice has proved that laser work is energy saving processing, environmental protection processing. Laser automatic engraving plate making, can achieve 40-60 line printing effect, manual plate making below 40 lines. Laser engraving plate making completely replaced manual engraving plate making. Due to the low cost of laser engraving plate, only one fourth of the cost of resin version. At present, the carton industry generally uses laser engraving plate and resin version, for corrugated carton packaging printing version. The use of laser processing equipment more on the market, resin version of the general use of BASF and TDR plate. Laser engraving plate making and manual engraving plate making, resin version do a comparative analysis, for the majority of friends in the industry reference.

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Comparison between laser engraving plate making and manual engraving plate making:

Laser engraving plate making is a complete imitation of the optimization of manual plate making design, laser engraving plate making on the market, in ten years, through software upgrade to achieve engraving with 0.3mm slope, engraving corner light decay automatic compensation. Improve the speed of automatic engraving, basic hand engraving plate out. In addition, laser engraving plate, completely eliminate engraving errors, manual engraving inevitable engraving errors, the original manuscript is good, manual engraving a knife error, the whole block layout scrapped, if not found in time often cause the whole batch of carton scrapped. Laser engraving is the use of software, the original input automatic engraving, there is no engraving error. The original pearl River Delta more than twenty thousand manual engraving plate - making practitioners have basically disappeared, all change careers.

Laser engraving plate and resin version comparison:

Laser engraving plate one-time investment is low, 2 meters sensitive flexible drying machine a set of equipment is not less than 400,000 yuan, and a laser engraving machine in about 40,000 yuan;

Resin version of the production cost is high, in the Pearl River Delta resin version of the average price of 1.25 yuan /in2, laser engraving plate 0.32 yuan /in2, although mass production of resin version can reduce the production cost of 0.90 yuan /in2, but, not any enterprise can do it. Even if can do the cost is much higher than laser plate;

Laser engraving plate making low energy consumption, no pollution, resin plate processing belongs to high pollution, although the use of plate-making liquid recovery device, better than no;

Laser engraving size can be infinite, the production site only needs more than ten square meters, and the resin version printing machine work site can not be less than 40 square meters, the smell of production is pungent, the production site must be separate, in addition, the processing size is limited by the model. 2 meters sensitive flexible printing machine, only to produce 2 meters of resin version;

At present, in the pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta economic developed areas, photosensitive resin version, laser engraving version popular, transport packaging printing marks occupy 30% of the market, and laser engraving plate fully accept the original hand engraving plate making occupy 70% of the market. 90% of corrugated cartons belong to transport packaging, printing mark requirements are generally around 40 lines, and the highest carton printing machinery can only reach below 80 lines, more than 80 lines generally use color offset printing. Between the transport packaging and sales of electrical packaging, can use laser engraving, because of some manufacturers operating staff habits, now mostly use resin version. Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly and economical laser engraving plate and photosensitive resin plate competition and prediction.

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In the application of electrical food packaging between transport packaging and sales packaging, the use of laser engraving plate in addition to economic reasons, more important is environmental protection. In the practice of printing mark of carton packaging, air cushion or sponge liner with good elasticity can be used to obtain high resolution and improve the printing effect. 10-20 lines. At present, many carton packaging enterprises try this method to achieve better results. More robust approach is, on the basis of these, for some smaller text patterns using resin version, seven word word patterns using laser engraving plate. Example: Zhuhai Doumen Chiba Paper Products Co., Ltd. adopts this method in manufacturing gree air conditioner export packaging cartons. Except the characters below no.7 using resin version, all the rest use laser engraving version. In order to ensure the quality of the case, reduce the cost of plate. If all the use of photosensitive resin version, a printing plate is not less than two or three thousand yuan, and the use of laser engraving plate, photosensitive resin version as a supplement, a printing plate only more than five hundred yuan, enterprises do everything possible to reduce production costs, should pay attention to the environment is more valuable. Diversification of plate - making technology competition. Competition not only provides more choices for the carton packaging industry, but also greatly reduces costs and improves economic benefits for the carton packaging industry. Before the advent of laser engraving plate, the average price of photosensitive resin is 5 yuan/in2. At that time, almost every industrial zone in the Pearl River Delta has photographic resin version production and processing points, and has a spreading trend. Laser engraving plate on the market, the price of photosensitive resin version fell sharply, fell to today 1.25 yuan/IN2 production scale also contracted. The benefits of plate - making competition to carton packaging industry are obvious. To sum up, in the future corrugated box packaging enterprises, in the printing plate technology competition will continue, laser engraving plate making and photosensitive resin version competition will continue, and will be more intense. Corrugated packaging carton industry experts predicted: the future on the transport packaging carton printing blocks, photosensitive resin will be fully exits, between transportation and sales of packaging printing products, photosensitive resin edition or slightly has the upper hand, about 60% using photosensitive resin version 40% use laser engraving process, the original by photosensitive resin version of runescape situation, there is no doubt has become history. At present, the plate, corrugated carton packaging industry in general is laser engraving process occupies 75% market share, but also the continuation of recursive stretch, despite the photosensitive resin has high stability, high definition printing effect, but the cost is the bottleneck of restricting its development, both can make the cost down, environmental problem is the most critical problem restricting its development. Therefore, the economic and environmental protection of laser engraving plate is the future development direction of carton packaging industry plate

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