This is the correct way to adjust the die in a WC67K hydraulic bending machine

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This is the correct way to adjust the die in a WC67K hydraulic bending machine

Generally speaking, a reasonable arrangement of WC67K hydraulic bending machine supporting parts of the clapboard bars, can improve the stiffness of the component, clapboard, aid can be transverse, longitudinal or diagonal arrangement, is conducive to improving the bending resistance, torsional inertia moment of the component, the horizontal machine bed layout of clapboard and ribbons, to consider convenient chip discharge.The connecting part of the guide rail and the supporting parts of the machine tool is often the place where the local stiffness is weak. The heavier moving parts on the reasonable structure layout of the bed and the column should be placed in the middle of the member as far as possible, which can reduce the deformation caused by the dead weight and cutting force.

The processing speed of hydraulic bending machine is based on different models, different series, there are different parameters, general hydraulic bending machine, bending speed in 1-10mm/s, but the Japanese machine will exceed this speed, at the same time bring unsafe elements.China's machine tool enterprises to see this emerging market, bending machine tool in the industrial society development is an essential helper and driving force, but also directly determines the productivity of machinery.

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The mold in the hydraulic bending machine is adjusted in this way:

1. The mould frame adopts a uniform size self-made rear mould frame, and the width of the lower mould should be matched with the width of the "U" type table.According to the profile requirements and adjust the role of the mold.

2, die frame guide column jacket uniform length of compression spring, to automatically spring after stamping (mainly to solve the mold and bending machine slider can not be connected to the impact) die up and down.

3, stamping die is generally based on punching holes, blanking is not good, mainly because the machine tool under the front vertical plate (in the middle of the U type table), it is more difficult.

4, material discharge, the general use of side back discharging, working process should always pay attention to smooth discharging.

5, type plate must be close to but can not cover the mold guide sleeve hole.In case of overstroke damage to the die and upper die forward, and gnaw the die and guide pillar.

6, the lower die height must be consistent.That is, the unified sharpening of the knife, in fact, can not be unified, also need to use copper, paper almost flat.In order to prevent the workpiece from deformation due to stamping is not in the same plane.

7. The opening height should be consistent and the "T" type plate should always be pressed on the template.In order to prevent the die because of the guide column compression spring suddenly sprung up and top open the die so that the upper and lower die quickly separated.

8, parts must be made into standard parts, convenient maintenance and replacement.

9, the material hole distance is short, the mold can not be installed, a mold porous molding, or times interval hole stamping.

10. The position of the working table should not make the slider work when the machine tool is working, that is, the center of gravity of the downward force of the machine tool slider must be consistent with the stamping center of gravity of the profile hole.

Compared with other forging equipment, hydraulic bending machine has the following advantages

1. Based on the principle of hydraulic transmission, the executive component is simple in structure, easy to achieve a large working pressure, large working space and long working stroke, so strong adaptability, easy to suppress large or longer high workpiece.

2. The rated pressure of the press can be generated at any position of the stroke.It can maintain pressure for a long time at the lower transition point, which is very necessary for many processes.

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3. The total stroke of the slider can be arbitrarily changed stepless within a certain range, and the lower conversion point of the slide stroke can be controlled or changed according to the pressure or the position of the stroke.

4. The speed of the slide block can be adjusted to a considerable extent within a certain range, so as to adapt to the different requirements of the speed of the slide block. When the pump is directly driven, the speed of the slide block can be adjusted independently of the pressure and stroke.

5. Compared with the forging hammer, the hydraulic bending machine work single stability, impact, vibration and noise is small, to the health of workers, plant foundation, surrounding environment and equipment itself have great benefits.


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