Three dimensional laser cutting machine and two dimensional laser cutting machine

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Three dimensional laser cutting machine and two dimensional laser cutting machine

The working mechanism of 3D laser cutting relative to 2d laser cutting, 3d laser cutting need to constantly adjust the laser cutting head posture, in order to ensure that the laser cutting head is always vertical with the workpiece surface, so as to obtain excellent cutting quality. In actual production, 3d laser cutting programming needs to first 3d modeling of parts, and then import 3d programming system path, and need to manually adjust according to the characteristics of parts, tooling characteristics, in order to avoid cutting head collision, complex operation, large workload.

Because the cutting head of 3d laser cutting machine is equipped with capacitive sensor, it can automatically adapt to the shape of parts, and always keep a certain distance from parts for cutting, so in the case of not drastic changes in the surface of parts, only the two-dimensional programming system of 3D laser cutting machine can meet the production needs.



The introduction of 3D laser cutting machine and 3D laser cutting and welding machine has broken the monopoly of foreign market in the automobile industry. It replaces the traditional processing method, reduces the mold investment, greatly shortens the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, improves the processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy, and reduces the production cost.

Application of 3d laser cutting

3D laser cutting is widely used in sheet metal processing, metal processing, kitchenware, automobiles, saw blades, elevators, food machinery, glasses making, aerospace, medical devices, instruments and meters and other industries. Especially in the sheet metal processing industry has replaced the traditional processing way, favored by industry users.

3d laser cutting technology as a laser application technology, at present, has been more and more widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry: auto parts, car body, car door frame, car trunk, car roof cover and other aspects. It's launch, break the monopoly of the foreign markets in the automotive industry, it replaces the traditional processing way, reduces the investment, shorten the carmakers and component cell development cycle, improve the machining efficiency and cutting precision of the workpiece, reduce the production cost, carmakers and component is a powerful tool for cell increase competitiveness, The successful application of this technology has achieved huge market effect.

Characteristics of 3D laser cutting


3D laser cutting using industrial robot flexible and fast action performance, according to the size of the user cutting workpiece size, through the robot for formal or flip, and for different products, different trajectory teaching programming or offline programming, through the optical fiber laser cutting head for irregular workpiece 3d cutting; Using optical fiber to transmit laser to the cutting head, and then using the focusing system to focus, a variety of three-dimensional metal plate can be multi-directional cutting.

According to the thickness of the metal plate, the power of the selected fiber laser is not the same; Different power lasers are equipped with different cooling systems to ensure the normal operation of the laser. At the same time, according to the working radius of the manipulator and the size of the workpiece processed by the customer, the appropriate length of the operation of optical fiber laser transmission to meet the cutting requirements.

Three-dimensional laser cutting has the following advantages:

1, flexible, can adapt to the cutting of different shapes of the workpiece.

2, high precision, can meet the manufacturing accuracy of aluminum alloy emUS, stainless steel subway and other products.

3, high economic efficiency, can replace the traditional manufacturing process of trimming die and punching die, its process steps are simple, short manufacturing cycle, cutting speed, small slit width, high processing quality, can greatly reduce the cost.


Overhead 3D fiber laser cutting machine

1, THREE-DIMENSIONAL laser cutting machine, fully display the characteristics of flexible transmission of fiber laser, combined with industrial robots, space cutting of three-dimensional products. The perfect combination of six-axis robot and fiber laser can save a lot of shear die, stamping die and other costs, but also with the weaving and cutting, greatly saving time and delivery cycle;

2. Fiber laser cutting system is combined with six-axis robot;

3, there are mainly floor type, top type two kinds of structural modeling;

4. Recommend ABB and Staubil, six axis robot brands;

5, can be customized workpiece THREE-DIMENSIONAL cutting table and positioning clamping mechanism;

6. It can be replaced between fiber laser cutting and welding.

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