Torsion axis CNC bending machine structure description

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Torsion axis CNC bending machine structure description

Torsion axis CNC bending machine The slider

The slide block part: adopts hydraulic transmission, the slide block part is composed of the slide block, the oil cylinder and the mechanical block fine tuning structure. The left and right oil cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slide block to move up and down through the hydraulic pressure. The mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the NUMERICAL control system. 


CNC bending machine The workbench

Table part: by the button box manipulation, so that the motor drives the stopper frame forward and backward movement, and by the NUMERICAL control system control of the moving distance, the minimum reading is 0.01mm (front and rear positions are travel switch limit) synchronous system

Synchronous system: different from ordinary bending machine, this machine uses servo valve and grating ruler and other hydraulic devices to form a closed loop, so as to control all kinds of action of bending machine

Torsion Bar

Keep-off institutions

Stopper mechanism: the stopper is driven by motor, the chain operator drives the two screw rods to move synchronously, and the size of the stopper is controlled by numerical control system.


CNC bending machine slider repeat accuracy is 10.0004 inches, forming Angle must be used such accuracy and good die. Manual bending machine sliders have a repeatability of 0.002 in., and generally produce a deviation of +2~3* when using the right die. In addition, CNC bending machines are ready for quick die mounting, an indisputable consideration when you need to bend many small batches of parts.

WC67K series CNC bending machine features:

The main use of WC67K series plate bending machine structure; SDS 3PB bending machine full closed loop CNC system, two grating ruler, a photoelectric encoder real-time detection feedback, stepping motor drive screw composed of full closed loop control. Two grating rulers; - Real-time detection and feedback of the position of the rear stopper and a slider to correct; The photoelectric encoder detects the position of the cylinder dead block and feeds it back to the NUMERICAL control system.

1, direct Angle programming, with Angle compensation function.

2, grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, rear stopper and slider dead stopper positioning accuracy of +0.02mm.

3. The upper die adopts fast clamping device, and the lower die adopts oblique wedge deformation compensation mechanism.

4, with multi-step programming function, can realize multi-automatic operation, complete multi-step parts one processing, improve production efficiency.

5, according to user needs can choose stable performance, compact structure of imported hydraulic system, rear stopper can choose ball screw, synchronous belt drive.


E210 performance features

E210 is the latest development of ESTUN company's fully functional torsion shaft bending machine control system, including all the functions of THE E200 CNC system, has the following prominent features :1, using 5.6 inches, 640X480 color display, display the most exquisite.

2, advanced algorithm Angle programming function, programming fast and convenient.

3, built-in PLC logic, bring higher flexibility and stability.

4. There are upper and lower mold libraries.

5, can store 100 programs, each program 25 work steps (E200 for 40 programs).

The system is standard with servo motor, servo drive, ball screw, linear guide rail, imported electrical appliances.


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