Troubleshooting of high speed bending machine

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Troubleshooting of high speed bending machine

High speed bending machine is a complex of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic transmission system and gear transmission, electric transmission and listed in the three traditional ways, the design of hydraulic system in the contemporary mechanical equipment design program to occupy the key influence. Therefore, when the hydraulic system of the bending machine fails, the damage to all the machinery and equipment can be said to be fatal.

The fault of the hydraulic system of high speed bending machine is sometimes caused by the failure of a component in the system. Therefore, the first one must be found out and checked step by step to find the cause of the fault in the hydraulic system of the bending machine, and the corresponding phenomenon is repaired.

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1, hydraulic transmission system machinery and equipment abnormal operation, such as, no fitness exercise, fitness movement is not smooth, fitness movement direction is wrong, fitness movement rate does not meet the requirements, posture order disorder, output force is not stable, leakage is serious, climbing, etc.

No matter what the repeated causes, can be regulated for flow, pressure and direction of three problems.

2, check the hydraulic circuit diagram, and check each hydraulic component, determine its characteristics and efficacy, the basic identification of its exposure.

3. List the components related to the failure and expand the analysis one by one. When this step is carried out, first, it is necessary to make good judgment, and second, it is also necessary to pay attention to never ignore the components that have significant harm to the failure.

4, the list of often listed components according to the past work experience and component inspection difficulty coefficient sorting order. When necessary, dream out the top priority inspection components and the top priority inspection location of the components, and assign testing instruments, etc.

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5. Start the initial inspection of the key inspection components listed in the list. The initial inspection should identify the following phenomena: the application of components assembly line is not suitable; Accurate measurement equipment, instrument equipment and test standards for components are suitable; Whether the external data signal of the component is suitable; The piece external data signal is not responding. Need to pay attention to some components of the fault precursors, such as high temperature and noise, vibration and leakage.

6. If no fault is found in the initial inspection, it should be checked constantly with instruments and equipment.

7. Identify the faulty components, and repair or replace the defective components.

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8, before restarting the server, be sure to first carefully consider the cause of the fault and adverse effects. If the fault is caused by environmental pollution or high oil temperature, other components should be considered as the probability of failure, and effective countermeasures should be taken to safety hazards. For example, because of the failure of the hydraulic oil pump due to environmental pollution, the system must be completely and overworried before replacing the new pump.

After the fault of the hydraulic system of the high speed bending machine is removed, it is not possible to rush for success and blindly follow the trend. It is necessary to follow certain regulations and procedures to start the cutting, otherwise, the old fault is removed, and the new fault will appear one after another. At this time, it is necessary to remove the new phenomenon again.

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