Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model :BS60460T Laser Power : 1000W

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Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Model :BS60460T Laser Power : 1000W

1. Why Choose BS60460T Simple and efficient (1)BS60460T is a perfect standard plane fiber laser cutting machine, which is popular in the industry. It has the highest speedamong those with the same level and may cut 400 small circles per minute. With the maximum speed of 140m and maximumacceleration of 1.2G, it has the highest accuracy among those with the same leve and may cut the bicycle with the size of 1/5 of coin 1000W Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000W Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine .


2.Success points (1) Pioneered simple and integrated integration design all over the world. (2)Pioneered high-low exchange platform and pioneered patented design in China and it will take 15s for one exchange at thehighest speed. (3)The cast-aluminum beam is die-cast and molded with 10t of steel mould for the first time in the industry, with good rigidityand high strength, whose weight is 1/2 of that of the traditional welded iron beam tube fiber laser cutting machine .

Laser Makes Manufactures Easier Flexible Manufacturing . Information Interconnection . 

Product Full Manufacturing Process Solutions. Attention Please Please pay attention to our production strength. We have imported CNC gantry machining centers and tempering furnaces to ensure our delivery time and production quality, while the accuracy is also guaranteed There is currently no domestic manufacturer with the same strength as ours

Remark 1. The above-mentioned devices is our standard , if have some other requiremenmt or options , please let us know. 2.Two years warranty for whole machine except fiber cable, lens, mirror and other consumable parts. Force majeure clause like natural disaster, war, human factor are also excluded.


Notes : 1. The accuracy with which the work-piece can be obtained depends to a certain extent on the type of workpiece , the pretreatment , the size of the sheet and the position of the sheet in the work area .

Description Of Main Configuration Body Gantry machine body, designed and manufactured for the high speed movement.Twice of aging treatment of reinforcement welding machine body to ensure the precision and stability of the long running. The rigidity is good, the higher acceleration can be accepted, the main body adopts the precise welding of steel structure, the stress failure treatment, the gantry milling of The heavy frame structure.

Welding of main body The main body frame is welded with the carbon dioxide protection welding, with such advantages as stable welding process, free internal defect, minimum splash, etc. At present, such welding becomes the most important welding for the black metal material.

Stress annealing The material stress resulting from welding is eliminated. A very large fuel heating annealing furnace is used to perform stress annealing for several body frames at 600℃ at the same time. With stable furnace temperature and uniform electronic monitoring, the welding stress is thoroughly removed,with guaranteed quality. Annealing of one small non-common electric furnace with non-uniform temperature cannot guarantee to thoroughly eliminate the stress


Rough machining Rough machining is designed to quickly cut the workblank margin. When rough machining is performed, the large load and cutting depth as much as possible shall be chosen, so as to cut the cuttings as much as possible within a short period of time.

Vibration aging Another method to eliminate the internal residual internal stress is as follows: When the vector sum of the residual internal stress in the workpiece and additional vibration stress reaches or exceeds the yield strength of the material, the material has a minor plastic deformation, so that the internal stress in the material is loosened and relieved.

Natural aging Place the body outdoors for more than one month. Eliminate the repetitive temperature stress caused for several times to relieve the residual stress, obtain the stable dimension accuracy,enhance the rigidity and enhance the deformation resistant capacity, so as to ensure the dimension stability of the body

Precise processing The CNC pentahedral machining center is used to machine the guide rail, rack, etc. which have high precision requirements to obtain the high quality installation base plane, so as to ensure the cutting accuracy of the tool.

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