Twisted axis CNC bending machine WC67K-125-4000

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Twisted axis CNC bending machine WC67K-125-4000

WC67K torsion axis CNC bending machine basic features

1. Solid rigid torsion shaft design, ensure the synchronized movement of the slider CNC bending machine WC67K-125-4000;

2. Built-in mechanical block to ensure the precise positioning of the slider;

3. The bending machine features Angle programming CNC bending machine;

4. The system automatically calculates the stroke pressure required by the corresponding Angle to provide users with efficient Y-axis stroke action;

5.DA41 can control the X and Y axis to achieve accurate and efficient operation;

6. The rear baffle is driven by ball screw and linear guide rail, which is compatible with DA41 NUMERICAL control system to bring excellent accuracy and production;

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7. Upper die quick die change clamping device, realize convenient and quick tool change;

8. Adjustable block finger can move smoothly on the linear guide rail, and can be adjusted up and down, convenient and efficient, easy to control.

WC67K twist axis CNC bending machine special optional:

1. Photoelectric protection, personal safety protection;

2. Compensation table can effectively eliminate the influence of slide deformation on bending accuracy (multi-point compensation table/manual deflection compensation table);

3. Mold can be customized according to user's requirement of bending workpiece;

4.WC67K series DA41 twist axis CNC bending machine general optional (oil pump, NUMERICAL control system, etc.).

Torsion axis CNC bending machine performance and characteristics:

This series of sheet metal bending machine adopts all steel welding structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity.

Hydraulic transmission, stable and reliable.

Mechanical block, torsion shaft synchronization, high precision.

Rear stopper distance, slider stroke, electric adjustment, manual fine-tuning device, digital display.

The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, and the machine tool of 250 tons and the length of 4000mm or more can adopt the lower deflection compensation mechanism.


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