Types, uses and characteristics of sheet metal shearing machine hardware tools

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Types, uses and characteristics of sheet metal shearing machine hardware tools

The bevel shear cutting edge shear is smaller than flat, so the total weight of the motor power is reduced by rules, rules, for most practical applications, many manufacturers produce such shears. Die forging sheet metal shearing machine introduced the world's advanced technology production series of products. The hot die forging press state machine in automobiles, tractors, internal combustion engines, ships, aviation, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, hardware tools, such as manufacturing, used for bulk lots of black and non-ferrous metal die forging and finish forging, forged forgings with high precision, high material utilization ratio, high productivity, easy to realize automation, low technical requirements to the operation of the workers, The advantages of noise and vibration are small, so it is widely used in modern forging production, and it is an

DAC360S CNC Controller

 indispensable high precision forging equipment. Numerical control plate shearing machine with numbers, words and symbols of the digital instruction to achieve a plate shearing machine or more than one plate shearing machine equipment movement control technology. CNC plate shearing machine is generally the use of general or special computer to achieve digital program control, it is usually controlled by the position, Angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and mechanical energy flow related to the switch. The emergence of NC plate shearing machine depends on the emergence of data carrier and binary data operation. Remove the lower bearing plate, cover plate and positioning core of hydraulic press, place 0.10/1000 square level on the end face of the piston in vertical and horizontal direction, and find the horizontal and horizontal direction to ±1 grid. If the horizontal direction exceeds ±1 grid, add cushion iron on the bottom of the lower nut for alignment, tighten the anchor nut, and check until qualified.

3. The toughness of hard alloy is much higher than that of high-speed development. It is suitable for application under the condition of conscious strong visual impact and vibration.

The cutting tools of hydraulic shears are used to cut straight edges of metal plates of various sizes.

2, hardness: hard carbide hard close to the rule, its hardness is higher than the amount of high speed steel, the higher the hardness of hard wear-resistant CNC cutting close to the better.

, hydraulic plate shearing machine is borrowed from the movement of the blade and fixed under the blade, the use of a fair blade clearance, CNC plate shearing machine on a variety of different thickness of metal material plate by applying shear force, so that the plate according to the required size and fracture can be separated; 4, thermal physical performance to improve the thermal conductivity system performance of cemented carbide is higher than that of standard high speed steel.

4. Flat blade shear machine: good shear quality, small deformation, but large shear force, large energy consumption.

3, inclined blade shears: double shear blades into high and low angles, typically, the blade is tilted, with a shear blade relative to another cutting blade reciprocating machine linear motion, inclination Angle is usually in 1° to 6 °.

knife clearence

The development characteristics of hydraulic plate shears are analyzed as follows:

1. The bonding temperature of cemented carbide is higher than that of high speed steel, so it has higher bonding property and wear resistance. Widely used in aircraft, steel rolling, automobiles, Bridges, instruments, boilers, electrical appliances, ships, tractors, pressure vessels and other types of industrial sectors.. More mechanical transmission.

Manufacturer of hydraulic cutting tools and its cutting tools, is the company a professional cutting tool manufacturer?

1, special plate cutting machine knife: multi-joint other related equipment for application, complete a special use

2. Multi-purpose plate shearing machine:

One, combined punching and shearing machine: the sheet to complete the cutting, and the cut profile to be used for the next step in the material

B, sheet bending and shearing machine: that is, different shearing and bending technology can be completed on a unified machine. The high and low blades of the plate cutter are parallel to each other, and are often used in hot shearing of rolling billet and slab. According to its shear method research can be mainly divided into upper cut type and lower cut type.

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