Ultraviolet fiber laser cutting machine cnc precision factors

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Ultraviolet fiber laser cutting machine cnc precision factors

In modern processing industry, ultraviolet fiber laser cutting machine cnc(usually refers to the laser equipment integrated with ultraviolet nanosecond laser) is called cold laser micro precision machining system. Its working principle is through the 355nm laser wavelength laser irradiation to the surface of the material, the formation of intermolecular cutting, etching, marking and so on. Commonly used in micro precision laser processing system, such as PCB laser cutting, sub-board, FPC laser cutting, camera module laser cutting, fingerprint identification chip laser cutting, silicon laser cutting, ceramic laser cutting, thin metal material laser cutting, PET/PI film laser cutting and so on.


The advantages of uv laser micro-precision machining system are small heat affected area, small light spot, high beam quality, high processing quality, high precision, according to its configuration, its precision difference is very large. So what are the reasons that affect the accuracy of ultraviolet laser cutting machine?

Is ultraviolet laser: laser precision micro processing in the system the most core components, a direct impact on the precision of the laser processing, the size of a light beam quality, repetition frequency, flare roundness, pulse width directly affects the precision of the laser output, each of the laser power parameters is different, and each company reference parameters are different, the precision of the corresponding difference is big.

Galvanometer: the galvanometer is an important core device in the laser external optical path system. The quality of the galvanometer is reflected in the speed, spot roundness, spot deflection accuracy and other factors.

Mirror: Field lens also known as the lens, lens scanning range directly affect the precision of the spot, the size of the plate in the process determines the material in the heat affected zone, for example etching on the glass coating, the precision of the single line range from 5 to 20 microns, the main factor depends on the size of the field lens, usually for cutting the lens range between 30 to 40 mm, To get a smaller line width on the glass coating, you need a lens of 6-15mm. The smaller the lens, the smaller the spot, the smaller the thermal impact can be achieved, and the accuracy is higher.


Linear motor: linear motor affects the stitching accuracy, the general processing of the maximum width of the material will be larger than the lens scanning range, so will use the camera identification, through the linear motor moving stitching, good linear motor stitching accuracy can achieve 1μm. For some materials that do not require splicing accuracy but only need spot accuracy, servo motors can be considered, which can save a large part of the cost.

Software control system: the software control system affects the repeated accuracy of the whole machine, so it needs to be corrected by software control to ensure the accuracy of the whole machine. Software, by contrast, is often overlooked.

There are also some other factors affecting the accuracy of processing, such as other external factors in the use of the environment, several major factors affecting the accuracy of the equipment itself are also several core devices, so the core devices usually used are almost imported, which is why the price difference of each manufacturer is the main reason.

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