Use cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting these knowledge must be mastered

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Use cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting these knowledge must be mastered

If you use the cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting, you must be in the situation to fully understand it to operate, so that it can effectively make its advantages fully volatile, and can avoid failure or some unexpected situations. If you're not sure where to find out about it, take a look at the following introduction.

cnc fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in automobiles, locomotives, pressure vessels, aerospace, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, steel structure and other industries! Laser cutting machine because of its wide cutting range (can cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, ordinary carbon steel and other kinds of non-ferrous metals), in some specific fields can even completely replace the way of cutting oxygen acetylene!

Have you purchased a cutting machine because you need frequent repairs and maintenance work; Is engaged in some work projects that require a high performance cutting equipment; Or do you need a new device to replace your current chainsaw? All of these are enough to get you thinking about laser cutting. With low-cost, smaller, and portable machines flooding the market, newer technologies are improving profitability and making it easier to use, so it might be time to take the time and money to consider laser cutting equipment. Laser cutting is simple to use, excellent cutting effect, fast working speed and high efficiency.


1 What is laser cutting technology?

Laser cutting is the use of high temperature plasma arc heat to make the workpiece incision outside the metal local melting (and evaporation), and by the momentum of high-speed plasma exclusion

A process in which metal is fused to form a notch.

2 laser cutting and flame gas cutting how to compare?

Laser cutting works only on metals that act as conductors - mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel are typical examples. When cutting mild steel, operators will experience higher speed and deeper cutting effects.

Flame gas cutting cuts metal by burning at high temperature or by oxidation. God, the application of the paradigm is limited to the use of such things as steel

Oxidation technology treats ferrous metal inside. Metals such as aluminum and stainless steel form oxides that constrain further oxidation. This makes it impossible for conventional flame gas cutting to handle this kind of material. Laser cutting, which is not resistant to oxidation, can effectively cut aluminum, steel, and other conductive metals.

And different kinds of gases can be used in laser cutting, at present most people use compressed air for laser cutting. Air compressors can be bought in most cities, therefore, laser cutting does not need combustible gas and compressed oxygen and other gases as an operating gas.


3 What can I do with laser cutting?

Laser cutting is ideal for cutting steel and non-ferrous metals less than 1 inch thick. Flame gas cutting requires the operator to carefully control the cutting speed to maintain the oxidation treatment, laser cutting in this respect more elastic. Laser cutting is excellent for some applications, such as cutting sheet metal, which is not possible with flame gas cutting. In addition, compared with mechanical cutting, laser cutting speed is much faster, more easy to carry out nonlinear cutting. In cutting aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metal materials is laser cutting machine strength!

4 What laser cutting can not be done, and flame gas cutting can be done?

Laser cutting is more expensive than flame gas cutting when cutting thick plates. Flame gas cutting does not require a power connection and compressed air, making it easier for some users to use. Flame gas cutting can cut thicker sections of steel faster than laser cutting. But the laser cutting machine in the cutting of thin plate cutting speed is much faster than flame cutting, and more efficient, better effect!

5 how to choose when purchasing laser cutting machine?

One day you feel that laser cutting is suitable for your choice, you can refer to some of the following content:

5.1 Determine the thickness of the metal you will most commonly cut

The first factor to be determined is the thickness of the metal usually to be cut. Most laser cutting machine power is measured by cutting capacity and current size. So if you usually cut thin metal, you should consider a low-current laser cutter. And, although smaller machines are cutting to a specific thickness

The cut quality may not be guaranteed. Conversely, you may end up with few cuts and unwanted metal residue

Slag. Each machine will have a set optimum cutting thickness range - make sure the set is suitable for your requirements. In general, the selection of laser cutting machine must be superior to 60% on the basis of the limit cutting thickness, so it is the normal thickness of this equipment cutting (can ensure the cutting effect). Of course, the thinner the cutting effect and speed is faster, the thicker the cutting effect and cutting speed will decrease.


5.2 Select a load persistence rate for the device

If you are going to make long cuts or automatic cuts, be sure to check the machine's workload persistence rate. The load persistence rate is simply

The duration of operation of equipment until it overheats and needs cooling. Workload persistence is usually measured as a percentage on a 10-minute scale. Let me give you an example. 100 amperes current 60% of the workload cycle means that you can cut continuously at 100 amperes current output for 6 minutes (press 10 minutes for 100%). The higher the workload cycle, the longer you can keep cutting.

Does this machine offer an option to start at high frequency?

Most laser cutting machines have a guiding arc that uses high frequencies to guide current through the air. However, high frequencies can interfere with nearby electronic devices, including computers. Therefore, a startup that eliminates these high frequency potential problems can be quite advantageous.

Comparison of loss and life

There are various external parts on the laser cutting torch that need to be replaced, usually called consumables. You need to look for machines that use the least amount of materials. Fewer supplies means cost savings. For example, incoln Electronics' pro-cut cutting torch has only three front parts, and only two of them need to be replaced

Change: electrode and nozzle.

Only by mastering the above content, we can deal with various problems more effectively in the process of using laser cutting and later


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