Using CNC bending machine to pay attention to the hot spot

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Using CNC bending machine to pay attention to the hot spot

CNC bending machine belongs to a kind of forging machinery, the main role is the metal processing industry. The products are widely used in light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide special machinery and complete sets of equipment. At present, due to the improvement of the degree of automation, the rigidity and strength of the forging machinery itself can meet the task of the case, the weight of the machinery is always designed to be more simple, the better, the application of hydraulic technology, so that the design of the staff is gradually phased out, the structure of the machine yue to be more portable, greatly reducing the cost of the machine. But this also brings a lot of problems, in the process of use, the slider and the table will attend the deflection deformation, making the workpiece to attend the uneven bending phenomenon.


CNC bending machine is one of the common equipment in modern mold processing. Most of the main working mode of bending machine is on the piston press, its driving force has obvious characteristics, specific and bending machine mold production process has a great relationship. But there is no denying that it has higher production safety. In normal use, safety matters needing attention include the following:

1. Downward motion

Ordinary bending machine down fast closing movement is generally the use of free fall, that is, through the weight of the bending machine itself to produce movement; But the production of CNC bending machine mold is not so, but the use of hydraulic cylinder rodless cavity to produce pressure, so the fast forward speed can reach 250mm/s, more suitable for the production of stronger mold.

2. Static state

Bending machine at rest position is the upper bending beam on the dead point. This state is designed to prevent uncontrolled downward movement and reduce safety risks.


3, decompression

The depressurization of the rodless cavity or after the holding time when the bottom dead point is reached can further improve the precision of the parts. Pressure maintenance and decompression can be directed by proportional directional valves. According to the need to customize the running cycle time, decompression can be as short as possible, but the decompression curve is not allowed to be too steep, as smooth as possible.

4, the return

A large return velocity is involved, which depends mainly on the pump flow rate and the rod cavity bearing area of the hydraulic cylinder. In general, the return trip is more efficient the closer you get to the fast speed. The return journey must also be synchronized.

5, stamping and bending

This stage is stamping and bending, which is a key link of bending machine mold production, but also a link behind, stamping speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump, but also by the proportional valve direction valve to adjust the manual intervention.


CNC bending machine mold production process of the main link about these 5 processes, each process involves a number of factors, including the quality and parameters of the machine itself, but also including human intervention, may affect the production and production of bending machine mold.

CNC bending machine is composed and welded with the whole high-quality steel plate, and then equipped with two movable beams, the main slide and the auxiliary slide, to ensure the balance of machine operation. The working table is operated by the button box, so that the motor drives the part of the stopper to move back, and then the numerical control system to control the distance of movement. In the operation, we can press the Angle of the bending piece we want, it has the advantage of bringing up the program, and then we can use this program again to adjust the bending. The application of synchronous system, which also makes the use of CNC bending machine more handy.

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