W11 series symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine

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W11 series symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine

Three-roll plate rolling machine and four-roll plate rolling machine are two types of metal plate bending, rounding, correction and other plastic machinery, widely used in shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, water and electricity, decoration, metal structure and other industries, my factory production of plate rolling machine series products complete specifications, variety, reasonable structure, advanced technology. To provide customers with satisfactory products.

Mechanical three-roller plate rolling machine, used for rolling steel plate into cylindrical shape.

The upper roller is pressed down by the motor through the reducer, transmission roller, worm gear gnat rod pair, screw nut pair transmission power. Rolling drive through the main motor through the main reducer, open gear to drive the lower roll rotation, and become the active roll when rolling plate. Due to the constant elevation of the lower roll, it is easy to feed and operate.

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Two, the design, manufacture and acceptance of symmetrical up-regulation winding machine meet the following standards

3-1, JB/T8796-1998 rolling machine precision

3-2 JB/T31852-1999 Technical specifications of small and medium-sized three-roller plate winder

3-3 JB/DJ0001007 General specification for forging and pressing machinery

3-4, GB-T7120-1997 Technical requirements for safety of machinery

3-5, GB-T3766-2001 Hydraulic system general technical specifications

3-6 JB/T5994-1992 General technical requirements for assembly

3-7, GB/T5226.1-1996 Industrial machinery electrical equipment general technical specifications 

3-8, JB9971-1999 Noise limits of three-roll plate winder

General technical conditions of JB/IQ400.5 castings

3-10 JB/T5946-1991 General technical conditions for coating

3-11, GB16754-1997 Machinery safety emergency stop design principles


3. Main structure

The main structure of the equipment is composed of the upper roller device and the pressing device, the lower roller device, the main transmission device, the tipping device, the left and right side frame and the base.

3-1. Upper roller device and press down device

The upper roller device consists of the upper roller, the upper roller bearing seat and so on.

The upper roller is made of 45# steel forgings and tempered hb245-285. The bearing seats at both ends of the upper roller are installed with sliding bearings.

The upper roller plain bearing is made of SF-2 composite material.

The pressing device is powered by the auxiliary motor, and the torque is transferred mechanically through the reducer, worm gear and screw nut to drive the upper roller to move up and down. Worm gear and nut are made of zinc-based alloy ZA27. Worm material is 45# forgings, tempered hb245-285.

3-2. Lower roll device

The lower roll device consists of the lower roll, the lower roll bearing seat, the lower roll open gear, the lower roll sliding bearing and so on. The lower roller is the driving roller, through the main drive output gear, lower roller open gear, transmission torque lower roller.

The lower roller is made of 45# steel forgings and treated with HB245-285. The material of the lower roller gear is 45# steel, tempered and tempered HB245-285, tooth surface high-frequency quenching HRC45-50.

The sliding bearing of lower roll is made of SF-2 composite material.


3-3. Main transmission device

The main transmission device consists of the main motor, gear reducer, brake and so on.

3-4. Tipping device

The overturned device is composed of inverted rack, bolt, etc.

3-5. Left and right racks and bases

The left and right sides of the frame and the base are welded steel plate, after welding vibration aging treatment.

Electrical control system

The equipment claim control system consists of electric control cabinet and operation console. Power supply 380V/50HZ. Main switch has short circuit protection and main motor overload protection function. The positive and negative rotation of electrical mechanism is controlled by ac contactor; Strong current control components include circuit breakers, fuses, contactors, thermal relays, buttons, switches, indicators, etc.

In order to protect the safety of operation and equipment, the terminal of each moving part of the equipment is equipped with a limited switch and an emergency stop button is installed on the fixed side of the frame.

The control cabinet is equipped with complete product rolling process control buttons, indicators, etc., to control the operation of the machine and the working state control.

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