W12CNC-8*2500 Rolling machine oil and lubricating oil on rolling machine protection

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W12CNC-8*2500 Rolling machine oil and lubricating oil on rolling machine protection

W12CNC-8*2500 Rolling machine oil and lubricating oil on rolling machine protection. Lubricating oil is very important to keep the gears working properly. Transmission efficiency is mainly lost in stirring oil, tooth swing engagement and bearing friction.

1. Too little lubricating oil will cause poor embellishment, grinding part of the power consumption ambassador drive efficiency decline, while accelerating gear wear. Too much oil will also increase the consumption rate of stirring lubricating oil, and also reduce the transmission efficiency. Therefore, the amount of oil must be appropriate.

2. Low viscosity of lubricating oil will increase wear. The viscosity is too large to make the lubricating oil not easy to splash caused by poor lubrication, but also make the loss of stirring lubricating oil power increase, reduce the transmission efficiency. Therefore, lubricating oil dryness must be appropriate.

And each part of the rolling bearing work also need good lubrication, there are some pull rod, pulley, pin and other active parts and steel wire rope to lubrication, maintenance must be handed in according to the provisions of the inspection, supplement and replace lubrication grease.

The lubrication points on the winding machine are quite many, and the time of checking, adding and replacing the lubricating grease is not the same. Therefore, lubrication is an important, heavy and meticulous work in the burial operation. Some countries classify mechanical lubrication as a separate industry in addition to maintenance, which shows the importance of lubrication.


After grinding the oil on the fingers, if there is acerbity and peculiar smell, it indicates that the oil deteriorates.

In the use of oil such as emulsification or too much foam and not easy to disappear, indicating that there is water mixed. After the machine stops working for a period of time, release a small amount of oil from the bottom of the oil tank (or precipitation oil pool), with fire, if there is a sound, it shows that there is water.

In use, if the oil consumption egg is too small or the oil volume increases, there may be water or fuel mixed to judge the dry degree, you can use your fingers to grind the new and old oil for comparison, or you can drop the new and old oil on the paper. Compare the speed of its diffusion to judge the size of its viscosity.

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