Wadf-800t-8000 electro-hydraulic synchronous four-cylinder bending machine

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Wadf-800t-8000 electro-hydraulic synchronous four-cylinder bending machine

Wadf-800t-8000 electro-hydraulic synchronous four-cylinder bending machine Host:

The main components are analyzed and optimized by UGS ANSYS CAD three-dimensional finite element method. Ensure beautiful design, reliable structure and stable work:

Four cylinder structure of the two integral welding frame, after stress treatment, by qi er company's large floor boring and milling machine precision machining, to ensure that the four cylinders of the fitting surface and four rail surface parallel, reliable;

The four guide surfaces and fitting surfaces of the slide block and the workbench vertical plate are clamped and molded at one time to ensure sufficient rigidity, working accuracy and stability of the machine tool; The straightness of die edge vertical plane is higher;

rexroth valve

2.2  four-cylinder bending machine Hydraulic system

The electro-hydraulic servo valve group and pressure valve group imported from BOSCH, Germany, oil circuit structure is compact, high synchronization precision, synchronous block control, hydraulic balance, reliable, long service life; Bottom dead center suspension pressure holding function;

Oil pump high pressure filter blocking alarm; Overload safety overflow protection;

2.3 Electrical control system

DA65 NUMERICAL control system of DELEM Company of Holland;

HEIDENHAN grating scale, resolution 0.005mm:

Electrical components in line with international standards, safe and reliable, strong anti-interference ability; With removable foot switch, emergency stop function:

2.4 Machine accuracy

Repeat positioning accuracy of slider ≤+0.01 parts accuracy

Workpiece bending Angle error +0.45 degrees;

The straightness error of workpiece bending is 1mm/7m

R axis for back gauge

The host

Two grating rulers (Y1Y2 axis) are installed at both ends of the machine tool to detect the distance between the slider and the workbench. The grating ruler is connected with the workbench.

Column deformation will not affect positioning, position data feedback to the NUMERICAL control system, the output servo valve control message can be measured.

After the keep-off

A ball screw and a CNC rolling guide rear stop (X axis) are installed on the wall board of the frame.

The X axis is respectively installed in the two outer files of four wall panels, which is used to control the bending positioning of various sizes of small and medium-sized parts.

X axis can be synchronous or single, can process the same specification sheet with different side length (block size different) workpiece processing.

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