WC67K-200T/5000 Hydaulic Press Brake TECHNICAL DATA

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WC67K-200T/5000 Hydaulic Press Brake TECHNICAL DATA

WC67K-200T/5000 Hydaulic Press Brake Features: 

 The entire EU streamlined design, heat treatment frame, high rigidity workbench, optional mechanical 

 compensation device for precise bending. 

 Hydraulic synchronization control and Estun NC programmable logic controller ensure precise repeatability 

 and ease of use.  The integrated hydraulic system (Bosch Rexroth, Germany) can quickly and automatically switch to a slow bend. 

 The X-axis and Y-axis are programmed by the NC E21 system to achieve accurate positioning of the inverter. 

 Advanced variable frequency hydraulic control technology, with more stable, and more reliable operation. 

 The optimal parameter ratio and optimal core configuration ensure stable performance and convenient operation. 

 WC67K series press brake equipped with standard single-axis backgauge system (X-axis) and single-axis bending 

 angle system (Y-axis), you can choose to add V-axis compensation function, and select the appropriate mold to

 easily bend the workpiece with complex shapes.


WC67K-200T/5000 Hydaulic Press Brake Controller System: 

 ESTUN E21 is a simple NC control system designed to replace ESTUN E200 with lower price. 

 ESTUN is jointed company by HOLLAND DELEM AND CHINA ESTUN 

 ESTUN E21can control X axis working into position accurately 

 ESTUN E21 will work better accompany with FREQUENCY 

 TRANSFORMER. FREQUENCY TRANSFORMER is not the standard components, optional. 

 Can program the software for future usage and has memory 

 Can set up different steps in one program 

 Timer can control the bending time

 Control X/Y two axis  The operation manual is available

 The install manual is available


Description Of Main Configuration

1. Machine Body

The foundation of every Durmapress press brake is a solid, mono-block frame which made from high yield steel. Which means our press brakes will perform accurately and reliably year after year. Every press brake frame is tempered. We' re so confident in our frames so that we offer a 15-year warranty with our standard machines

2. Oil Pump

Sunny From USA: Amazing low noise, made of high strength cast iron and unique design for inner noise reduction Low sensitivity to oil pollution and assure of long service life

3. Hydraulic System

Our press brake machine uses Hoerbiger integrated hydraulic control system that make it more reliable and easy for maintenance.

ball screw

4. Germany Valve

Adopt Germany's Bosch Rexroth integrated structure of oil pump and hydraulic valve to ensure the bending accuracy.

5. Electrical System

Our press brake adopt Schneider electrical components. The high quality electric parts can make the machine performing well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the world

6. Mechanical Clamp

The standard equipped normal mechanical clamp will help you replace the top punch by manual work Convenient and easy operations

7. Upper Punch And Down Die

The standard top punch and dual-V bottom die are specially designed for bending sheet metals. More press brake toolings can be selected as per your practical use. Material and HRC47 degree values

8. Main Motor

Compared to traditional stepper motors, the advantages of using servo motors include: improve the accuracy to ± 0.01mm, the noise decrease to 25 decibels, reduce energy consumption by 60%, consump 70% less hydraulic oil and 30% higher efficiency


9. Stopper Finger

The motorized crowning system will adjust the parallelism and straightness automatically

10. Front Support Arm

Our standard front support arm is 180° adjustable. keep the heavy duty plate working .

11. Limit switch

Control the movement of the workpiece and the stroke of the automatic feed to avoid collision accidents. The limit switch on the upper and lower molds of the bending machine protects the terminal limit.

12. Back Gauge

We using the Taiwan PMI ball screw and guide to ensure the moving of X-axis with higher accuracy than using rod. And the backgauge adopt timing belt & wheel mechanism which controlled by Encoder of step motor. The height of the backgauge finger can be adjusted manually. Totally there're THREE pcs of backgauge fingers for positioning.

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