Wc67y-160t /4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine Use of machine

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Wc67y-160t /4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine Use of machine

Wc67y-160t /4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine

Use of machine

The folded sheet metal bending machine has high productivity and high working accuracy, using different shapes of the upper and lower mould, can be bent into various shapes artifacts, stroke at a time can be to a bending forming of sheet metal, after a lot of bending can obtain more complex in the shape of the workpiece, when equipped with the corresponding equipment, can also make a punch.


Wc67y-160t /4000 hydraulic sheet bending machine Product structure

1. UG(finite element) analysis method, computer aided optimization design, beautiful appearance.

2. The machine adopts steel plate welding structure, with enough strength and stiffness, hydraulic transmission to ensure that the work will not be caused by the change of sheet thickness or improper selection of "V" groove under the die and serious overload accident, in addition, the machine has the characteristics of stable work, convenient operation, low noise, safe and reliable.

3. The oil cylinder is equipped with mechanical block to ensure the repeat positioning accuracy of the slide block to the bottom dead point, so as to ensure the consistency of the bending Angle during mass production.

4. Adopt German technology to eliminate internal stress.

5. The overall frame adopts sand-blasting method for rust removal, and is sprayed with anti-rust paint.


Working slider structure.

1. The machine adopts hydraulic electric control, the stroke of the slider can be adjusted at will, and has the action specifications of point, semi-automatic, automatic and so on, which can be easily tested and adjusted by point.

2. Up-moving bending machine design, double cylinders work at the same time, the operation is balanced, convenient and safe.

3. The function of retaining calendering at the bottom dead point ensures the accuracy of the workpiece.

4. The bending Angle accuracy can reach ±45 'under relevant national standard conditions. (Refer to standard JB/T22572-1999.)

5. With the function of slow descent control, the operator can better control the workpiece.

The hydraulic system

1. Hydraulic system can realize sliding block fast descent, slow descent, working speed bending, fast return and up, down in the process of sliding block emergency stop action.

2. The oil pump adopts axial piston pump, which can bear high pressure and low noise.

3. The sealing ring is made of Taiwan Dingji Company, with good sealing performance, reliable operation and long service life.

4. The machine can work continuously under rated load, the hydraulic system has no leakage and is stable, and the precision is high.


Electrical control system

1. Electrical components and materials comply with international standards, safe and reliable, long life, strong anti-interference ability.

2. Equipped with movable foot switch operation.

3. Electronic control components with high quality products.

4. The machine adopts AC 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, and the control loop is AC 220V voltage.

5. The main circuit of the motor has the protection of short circuit, overload and phase loss.

6. The operation button is installed on the button table of the machine tool, and the electrical switch and indicator light are installed in the special electrical control box.

7. The oil pump stop button is also used as the general button of the machine. When the oil pump stops working, the whole machine stops working.

8. The machine is equipped with corresponding point control button and emergency stop button. 


Slider synchronization control

The synchronization of the slide stroke of the bending machine adopts mechanical hydraulic synchronization mechanism, with simple structure, stable and reliable, and has the synchronization accuracy required by the machine. Generally, it does not need regular maintenance and can maintain long-term use.

After the keep-off

The adjustment of the rear stopper is driven by a 0.55KW motor, which is driven by a lead screw after being reduced by a gear. In the press adjustment press "+", "-" can reach the baffle plate forward or backward adjustment,(digital display size position) in the motor adjustment can not reach the required adjustment value, can rotate the manual adjustment wheel for manual fine tuning to ensure the required adjustment value.

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