Wc67y-200t /4000 hydraulic bending machine manufacturing process and components

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Wc67y-200t /4000 hydraulic bending machine manufacturing process and components

Wc67y-200t /4000 hydraulic bending machine is also known as 200 tons 4 meters hydraulic plate bending machine, is the use of parallel cylinder, in order to ensure that the slide block at the bottom of the dead point accurate positioning, set up a mechanical block mechanism in the cylinder, adjusted by the motor. The slider in the stroke of synchronization, mechanical synchronization mechanism, simple structure, stable and reliable, convenient maintenance. The equipment adopts advanced hydraulic integrated valve block. Compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improve system reliability and easy maintenance. Wc67y-200t /4000 hydraulic bending machine slider can be stepless adjustment. The die is made of alloy steel after forging, milling, heat treatment and grinding. The upper die adopts several short dies and is connected into a whole long die, with high precision and good interchangeability. Easy to load and unload, etc.

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Wc67y-200t /4000 hydraulic bending machine technology and process:

1, the whole steel plate welding structure, thick frame, high rigidity, strong shock absorption;

2, the mechanical structure of THE WC67Y-200T/4000 hydraulic bending machine is mainly composed of the frame, the workbench, the slider, the main cylinder and the rear baffle and other parts. Perfect design and manufacturing process can effectively ensure the accuracy of machine tool manufacturing and use. Manufacturing process of main structural parts (process inspection is inserted into it) :

Sheet material warehousing → physical and chemical inspection → sheet material pretreatment (shot blasting in addition to embroidery) → CNC flame cutting → cutting welding joint surface → assembly welding → gas protection welding → vibration aging treatment → large floor boring and milling machine and other machining processes → assembly of finished products;

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3, wC67Y-200T /4000 hydraulic bending machine frame, slider, workbench and other main parts are the use of domestic famous CNC large floor boring and milling machine finishing, to ensure the host of the geometric accuracy.

4, integrated hydraulic control system, compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improve the reliability and easy maintenance of the system.

5, WC67Y-200T/4000 hydraulic bending machine adopts torsion shaft synchronization, two synchronous swing arms are installed at both ends of the slider, so that the slider action is always parallel to the workbench, and the anti-partial load ability is strong when working. The lower limit stroke of the oil cylinder is located by the mechanical stopper, and the bending Angle of continuous work does not drift. The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, and the folding plate has high precision.

6, stopper and slide stroke adjustment, manual fine tuning, digital display. Hydraulic power unit compact structure, easy installation, the use of oil channel and joint number is limited to the minimum degree of integrated hydraulic valve block, slide block transmission, speed adjustment range, stable and reliable work.

7, the upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, convenient adjustment.

8, upward movement bending design, smooth work, convenient operation, safety;

9. The slide block has the function of keeping calendering at the bottom dead center to ensure the accuracy of working parts.

10, stopper part: stopper adopts motor drive, drives two lead screws to move synchronously through the sprocket, counter shows the stopper size, can be manually fine-tuned.

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