Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine structure features

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Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine structure features

Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine all steel welding structure, vibration eliminate stress, high mechanical strength, good rigidity. Hydraulic upward transmission, stable and reliable. Mechanical block, synchronous torsion shaft, high precision. Backstop material distance, upper slider stroke, electric adjustment, manual fine-tuning device, digital display.

Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine structure features:

1. The wall panel uses a C-shaped structure, so it can process large workpieces by placing them side by side.

2, WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine adopts steel welding structure, has enough strength and rigidity, and through aging vibration or annealing furnace to eliminate the internal stress.

3, hydraulic upward transmission, placed at both ends of the machine tool cylinder and slide block connection, direct drive sliding work.

4, the upper die has a quick clip device, shorten the mold change time, improve production efficiency, the upper die has a manual adjustment device, improve the accuracy of the workpiece and mold life.

5, slide block synchronization mechanism adopts torsion shaft forced synchronization, so that the slide block smooth movement.

6, slider can stop at any position, improve safety performance.

7, WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine positioning using cylinder built-in mechanical block structure, repeated positioning accuracy is high.

8, slider stroke and rear stopper distance can be quickly adjusted by motor, manual fine tuning, counter display.


Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine operation specification requirements:

1, the operator in the use of WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine must read the manual of the machine in detail, familiar with and master the bending machine structure, performance and adjustment method.

2. In multi-person operation, it must be confirmed that there is no unsafe factor before stepping down the foot switch.

3, WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending function to withstand partial partial load (suitable for the right end), its great partial load pressure value is 120KN (thousand cattle)

4, the clearance between the upper and lower molds must be adjusted evenly, when working, no tools are allowed to be placed on the lower mold and working table, and the workpiece surface shall not have welding scars and other defects.

5, often keep wC67Y-30T /1600 hydraulic bending machine clean, in use, should always pay attention to the situation of each part of the bending machine, such as abnormal, should immediately stop check.

6, die V is generally selected as 8 times the thickness of the plate, that is, V = 8S is appropriate, the bending plate thickness of the machine is 16mm.

7, strictly in accordance with the sheet bending pressure gauge to adjust the pressure.


Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine working process:

(1) Static

The static coordinate of the bending machine is the dead point of the upper bending beam. In order to prevent uncontrolled downward movement of the dike, the system sealed the rod chamber of the hydraulic cylinder with a backpressure valve without wind.

(2), WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine downward movement

The downward fast closing movement of the bending machine mostly quotes the free landing situation, that is, after the bending machine beam and the weight of the appendix movement. In this process, the rod-less chamber of the hydraulic cylinder passes through a filling valve to replenish oil, at which time there will be back pressure in the rod chamber. Fast forward speed up to 250mm/s) is operated by the ratio wind direction valve open loop or closed loop. Fast forward motion from the top dead point has, through a short braking phase, at the end of a large gap from the bending plate 6mm. Different bending machines require different fast forward end coordinates.

(3), WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine stamping/bending

The stamping/bending stage has been built from the rodless cavity. The punching speed is limited by the oil supply of the oil pump on one side, and can be mediated by the ratio valve and the wind direction valve on the other side. At the same time, the wind direction valve also controls the synchronous operation of the bending beam and the designation of the bottom dead point. The limit of the impact pressure is completed by the pressure of the proportional relief valve limit pump. The corresponding speed, synchronization, designation, and pressure given values are all from the CNC.

(4), WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine decompression

The pressure reduction of the rodless cavity is either reached when the bottom dead point has been reached, or it is extended after a short pressure period, so that the deformation material must flow for a long time, so that the proportion accuracy of the workpiece can be deeply mobilized. Pressure holding and decompression are done by the ratio wind direction valve according to the command of the CNC. The required operating cycle time should be kept as short as possible; However, in order to avoid the impact of unloading in the whole body system, it requires sufficient length. Conversely, the decompression curve is not allowed to be too steep and requires stability. The optimization of the whole flow is realized through the ratio wind direction valve.

(5), WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine return

The flow rate of the pump and the bearing area of the rod cavity of the hydraulic cylinder determine a large return speed, which in most cases is close to fast speed. The return trip from the rod chamber decompression has ended at the upper dead center. The return journey also requires synchronous operation.


Wc67y-30t /1600 hydraulic bending machine common fault analysis:

Fault one: WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine hydraulic system without pressure.

1, three-phase power supply phase modulation, resulting in motor inversion.

2. Whether the solenoid coil of the proportional relief valve is energized and whether the voltage of the proportional solenoid coil meets the requirements. For the above reasons, please check the related electrical reasons.

3. Check whether the cartridge valve is jammed or the main spool is jammed, and the damping hole is blocked. If it is for the above reasons, please remove the relief valve, clean it, and reinstall it.

Fault two: WC67Y-30T/1600 hydraulic bending machine slide fast to slow speed, time pause is too long.

1. Check whether the oil level of the oil tank is too low, the filling port is not flooded, and the filling of the upper cavity of the oil cylinder is empty when fast moving, resulting in insufficient filling.


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