Wc67y-63/2500 hydraulic sheet bending machine ​Performance and features

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Wc67y-63/2500 hydraulic sheet bending machine ​Performance and features

Wc67y-63/2500 hydraulic sheet bending machine Performance and features:

All steel welding structure, vibration stress elimination, high mechanical strength, good rigidity, hydraulic upward transmission, stable and reliable;

Mechanical block, synchronous torsion shaft, high precision.

Distance of rear stopper, stroke of upper slider, electric adjustment, manual fine-tuning device, digital display;

The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation mechanism, and the machine tools over 250 tons and length over 4000mm can use the lower deflection compensation mechanism.


Wc67y-63/2500 hydraulic sheet bending machine Product features:

The whole machine steel plate welding structure, using vibration aging to eliminate internal stress, high strength, good rigidity;

Hydraulic double cylinder upper transmission, mechanical block, synchronous torsion shaft, reliable operation balance, high precision;

The distance of rear stopper and the stroke of slide block are electrically adjusted and manually adjusted. The bending machine is equipped with digital display device, which is convenient and quick to use.

The upper die is equipped with deflection compensation device, and the machine tools over 250 tons and length over 4000mm can use the lower deflection compensation mechanism.

Three, the frame part

The frame is welded into a whole frame by the left and right columns, oil tank, support and other workpiece, and the workbench is fastened to the left and right columns.

Four, slider part


The slide block part is composed of slide block, oil cylinder and mechanical block fine-tuning structure. The slide block adopts the overall panel structure, the left and right cylinders are fixed on the frame, and the piston (rod) drives the slide block to move up and down through hydraulic pressure.

The mechanical block is placed on the top of the two cylinders, with compact structure and synchronous adjustment on both sides. When the slider range (upper die), will stop the slider at top dead center, release on both sides of the mechanical stop synchronization transmission shaft sleeve, rotating around the upper cylinder worm worm gear box any side (forward or reverse) then to press the slider bottom dead center, measuring adjustment again (repeat the above operation) until the slider (die) on the contour, and then will be loaded on axle housing.

Five, rear stopper mechanism

Operated by the button box in front of the work table, the motor drives the stopper frame to move back and forth, and the distance of movement is displayed digitally, with the minimum reading of 0.10 mm. (The front and rear positions are evenly equipped with travel switch limit). The top rod of the rear stopper can rotate around the axis to prevent the workpiece from being damaged during bending. It is easy to operate, fast and high precision of stopper.

Electrical system of machine tool

The electrical control system of the machine is summarized as follows:

Main power supply: 380V, 50Hz, three-phase, control power supply: 220V. Main circuit, each motor adopts automatic switch for short circuit protection and overload protection. The control circuit is protected by fuses. The main components of the machine are reliably grounded.

The machine has three working modes, which are selected by universal switch to move, single and continuous. Machine operation is controlled by foot switch, convenient and fast. This machine is equipped with power supply and machine working state indicator light, electrical components adopt Siemens. The circuit is simple, safe and easy to maintain.

7. Hydraulic system of machine tool


The hydraulic system is composed of motor, oil pump, valve group, oil tank, oil pipe and hydraulic accessories. The maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system is 20MPa, which is set by the valve of the main loop system. Shanghai hydraulic valve, all seals are imported parts, simple pipeline layout, less leakage, convenient maintenance and debugging.

Viii. Configuration:

Cylinder main sealing ring: imported parts

Main electrical components: Siemens or Schneider products

Hydraulic valve: Shanghai second hydraulic parts factory products

Oil pump: Shanghai Chengjie oil pump factory products

Mould: Nantong Jiujiu Mould Factory

Main motor: Nantong Hengli electric machine

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