WE67K-1003200 CNC bending machine Machine model and number of control axes

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WE67K-1003200 CNC bending machine Machine model and number of control axes

WE67K-1003200 CNC bending machine Machine model and number of control axes

WE - 10032 (Y1, Y2 - X - R - V) 4 + 1 axis

II. Main configuration of the machine

■ Standard with ENC80T CNC system

■ Germany Rexroth high performance hydraulic system control synchronization

■ Both sides are equipped with high precision grating ruler to detect the synchronous position

■ Main motor with Siemens

■ Rear stopper with high performance servo motor and drive

upper punch and down die

■ Electrical accessories: Schneider (France)

■ The rear stopper is equipped with HIWIN ball screw and linear guide

III.1003200 CNC bending machine Machine structure features and standard configuration

The frame adopts the whole steel welded structure, through the normalization and high frequency vibration to eliminate the internal stress, to ensure the overall accuracy of the machine tool, has the excellent stiffness, has the excellent anti-distortion, anti-tilt ability.The thickened working table and the thickened sliding block make the whole machine have very high rigidity, so the deformation of the sliding block and the working table is very small when bending, and the workpiece has excellent straightness and Angle consistency.

Four, the characteristics and functions of numerical control system

Adopt double electro-hydraulic proportional servo system and servo motor drive and control technology (standard with two servo, can be increased according to user needs), adopt high-performance industrial computer and high-definition touch screen to show man-machine interface, with humanized intelligent operating system,Intelligent tips, learn now use, greatly reduce the difficulty of machine tool operators to learn, the use of graphics and data table two kinds of programming, automatic calculation of the length of material, extension deduction, etc..Features are as follows:

1.17 "TFT industrial touch HD LCD screen, LED long life and low power consumption backlight;

2. Man-machine dialogue, intelligent prompts, easy to understand, learn on the spot;

3. Double display of large icon and Chinese characters;

4. Graphical display programming and operation, just input the workpiece forming information and processing steps, the system automatically calculates the X rear stopper and R-axis positioning value (automatic deduction of extension, etc.);

5. Switch self-diagnosis, automatic diagnosis of external switch state, error alarm Chinese prompt;

6. Electro-hydraulic proportional and servo motor control, smooth running speed, fast response speed, high precision, greatly improve the processing efficiency;

7.X axis, Y axis and R axis linkage;

8. Unidirectional and bidirectional positioning function, effectively eliminate lead screw clearance;

9. Y1,Y2 double Angle double compensation programming, convenient processing of special workpiece, to meet the needs of industries;

10. Recede function to avoid the extrusion of the workpiece by the rear stopper device, reduce wear and improve processing accuracy;

11. High-speed bending function, no need to return to TDC in the process of processing multi-step workpiece, intelligently rise the upper die to carry out the next bending, and return to TDC after the completion of the processing of the workpiece, greatly improving the production efficiency;

12. Power off location memory function, parameters, location and procedures for on-site protection;

13. Multi-step programming function, can realize multi-step automatic operation, complete the one-time processing of multi-step parts, improve production efficiency;

14. Multi-workpiece storage function, and can share processing data through U disk and multi-machine tools;

15. It has the function of automatic calculation for selecting multi-level stopper to select whether the rear stopper is jacking or supporting material, which is convenient for processing longer working parts;

16. Angle compensation function (when the actual Angle is not consistent with the set Angle, just input the actual Angle to automatically compensate);

17. Automatic return to reference point function can be set;

18. Remote assistance update, CNC system can be remote upgrade, convenient for system update and maintenance.

mechanical crowning

Five.Equipment working environment:

Power requirements: three-phase four-wire system, 380V, 50HZ

Installation site: clean, less dust

Maximum temperature: 40 ° C

Minimum temperature: -5 ° C

Relative temperature: 55-85%

Altitude: below 1000M

This equipment has sufficient strength and stiffness, low noise, smooth operation, good anti-seismic performance, under such environmental conditions, can run for more than 16 hours.

Six.Installation and commissioning, technical service and after-sales service

We have a professional after-sales service team, in line with the "professional, focused, concentrated" service concept, at any time for customers to solve problems;At the same time to provide a variety of CNC equipment accessories and maintenance, CNC system renovation, the company from product quality to after-sales service to let you rest assured, satisfaction;We are willing to be your long-term cooperative partner.

1. The supplier shall provide the drawings for the foundation of the equipment, and the buyer shall be responsible for the specific construction.

2. After the products are assembled in the supplier's factory, timely inform the buyer of the specific delivery time and the preparation work required for installation.

foot pedal

3. The Supplier shall be responsible for the commissioning of the equipment at the site of use by the Demander. The Demander shall cooperate with the Supplier and provide the necessary hoisting equipment, hydraulic oil, electricity and necessary conditions for installation.

4. During the on-site installation and commissioning of the equipment by the Demander, the Supplier shall provide free training and technical consultation services to the relevant technical personnel of the Demander.

5. Upon completion of installation and debugging, both parties shall check and accept the installation according to the technical agreement signed by both parties and relevant technical attachments.

6. The Supplier's products shall carry out "Three Guarantees" from the date of sale, and the quality guarantee period shall be one year from the date of acceptance.During the warranty period, the parts damaged by non-user reasons will be replaced free of charge (wearing parts are not covered by the warranty).Warranty expiration, the implementation of lifetime warranty, charge cost.

7. The Supplier shall provide on-site services for the Demander.After receiving the quality report from the buyer, response within 4 hours, 24 hours to the site maintenance.

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