WE67K 160T3200 press brake machine programming includes several aspects Generally speaking, programming includes the following aspects of work

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WE67K 160T3200 press brake machine programming includes several aspects Generally speaking, programming includes the following aspects of work

1. WE67K 160T3200 press brake machine Processing technology analysis

Programming personnel should first of all according to the parts drawing, the parts of the material, shape, size, accuracy and heat treatment requirements, such as processing technology analysis. Reasonable selection of processing scheme, determine the processing sequence, processing route, clamping method, cutting tools and cutting parameters; At the same time, we should consider the command function of CNC machine tools and give full play to the efficiency of machine tools. The processing route should be short and the number of knife changes should be less.

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2. WE67K 160T3200 press brake machine  Numerical calculation

According to the geometrical dimension of the part drawing, the process route and the coordinate system are determined, the trajectory of rough and finish machining is calculated, and the cutter position data is obtained. For the contour processing of simple shape parts (such as straight line and arc parts), it is necessary to calculate the starting point and end point of geometric elements, the center of the circle, the coordinate value of the intersection or tangent point of two geometric elements, and some of them also need to calculate the coordinate value of the motion track of the tool center.

For the shape of the more complex parts (such as non-circular curve, surface components), need to use a straight line segment or arc segment approximation, according to the processing accuracy of the requirements of the node coordinate value, this numerical calculation is generally to use a computer to complete.


3. Write processing programs

After the processing route, process parameters and knife position data are determined, the programmer can write the processing program section by section according to the functional instruction code and program section format stipulated by the NUMERICAL control system. If the programmer is separated from the processor, the necessary processing diagram, tool parameter table, machine tool adjustment card, process card and related text should be attached.


4. Prepare the control medium

The compiled program is recorded on the control medium as the input information of the NUMERICAL control device. By manual or communication transmission into the NUMERICAL control system.

5. Program proofreading and first piece trial cutting

The program and the prepared control medium must be verified and tested before it can be used formally. The method of verification is to directly input the content of the control medium into the NUMERICAL control system, and let the machine run empty to check whether the movement trajectory of the machine is correct, or through the graphic simulation function provided by the numerical control system, on the CRT screen, simulate the movement trajectory of the tool. But these methods can only test whether the movement is correct, can not test the machining accuracy of the machined parts. Therefore, to carry out the first part of the trial cut. When the machining error is found, analyze the cause of the error, find out the problem and correct it.

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