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WE67K CNC Press Brake Machine DA52S

For professional industrial workers looking for perfect configuration and user friendliness—the Durmapress CNC Press Brake offers this alongside more: versatility, flexibility, and faster production. In comparison to conventional brake machines—this one tops them all! Everything that the Durmapress 3 Axis offers, this machine adds to that! Operators will have powerful output that guarantees sensitive bending jobs can be completed perfectly. Furthermore, equipment can be tailored per individual request, so you can have the features included that you need for your specific sheet metal production needs. One of the best features of this machine lies in how it immediately offers automatic axis referencing to improve accuracy. Professionals can be sure that this latest technology makes metal bending projects so much easier.
  • WE67K Series

  • Durmapress

  • 8462299000

Product Description

WE67K Series CNC Press Brake -DA52S (3+1 Axis )


●Whole welding processing structure.

Electro-hydraulic servo valve and grating ruler constitute closed-loop control mode

●High precision of position feedback of the slider, accurate and stable operation, good synchronization performance, high bending accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy of the slider.

The backgauge can adopt the backgauge structure of multiple backgauge shafts with more complete functions according to customer needs.

●The hydraulic system adopts an integrated control system, which reduces the pipeline installation and customer service oil leakage, and ensures the working stability of the machine tool, and the appearance is scientific and beautiful.

●Hydraulic deflection automatic compensation mechanism eliminates the influence of the deformation of the slider on the quality of the workpiece. The CNC system automatically adjusts the compensation amount, which is convenient and accurate.

●The CNC system adopts special CNC systems for bending machines such as Holand DELEM, Italian ESA and Swiss CYBELEC

Durmapress ® Powerful CNC system makes complex work easy

Delem CNC Controller DA52S

• 10.4” LCD TFT color display with Touch screen 

• Quick, one page programming 

• Hotkey navigation 

• 7” widescreen color TFT 

• Up to 4 axes (Y1, Y2, and 2 auxiliary axes) 

• Crowning control 

• Tool/material/product library 

• USB, peripheral interfacing 

•Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed loop as well as open loop valves 

• Panel based controller with optional housing 

•The basic machine control functions are Y1,Y2,X,R-axis. 


cnc press brake servo motor and drive

●Hydraulic system: Germany BOSCH

●Servo motor and drive: Nanjing Estun

●Grating ruler: Germany HEIDENHAIN Italy GIVI

●Ball screw and linear guide: Taiwan HIWIN.

●Main electrical components: French SCHNEIDER

●Workbench compensation method: hydraulic compensation or mechanical compensation

●Simple with guide rail Adjustable mobile front bracket

Front Support of the material

Front Suppotor

Press Brake Fast Clamp

Fast Clamp

cnc press brake open door shut electrical

Door power off device

cnc press brake Servo proportional valve

Servo proportional valve

press brake siemens motor

Siemens Motor

cnc press brake sunny pump

Sunny Pump and Rexroth Valve

cnc press brake double guild linear


Unique double linear guide design, precise positioning, multi-stage gear design for backgauge, increasing the positioning range, making bending work more convenient

Press Brake Stopper Finger backside

Stopper Finger (Left & Right & Up & Down)

press brake ball screw and guide linear

Taiwan HIWIN Guild Linear and Ball Screw

CNC Press Brake Electromechanical deflection compensation

Mechanical Compensation Table Built-in high-precision integral convex wave strip standard Integrated geared motor, dust-proof and double-shaped slot can be adjusted through CNC control system

press brake electrical compensation

electrical crowning system

Electrical Mechanical Compensation

Hydraulic Crowning System

Hydraulic Compensation

Optional CNC Controller System for Durmapress ® CNC Press Brake Machine

DA53T CNC Controller

DA53T CNC Controller from DELEM 

· "Hot-key” touch navigation

· 10.1" high resolution colour TFT

· Up to 4 axes (Y1,Y2 + 2 aux. axes)

· Crowning control

· Tool / material / product library

· Servo and frequency inverter control

· Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.

· TandemLink (option)

· USB memory stick interfacing

· Profile-T offline software

DA58T CNC Controller
  DA58T CNC Controller from DELEM 

· 2D graphical touch screen programming

· 15″ high resolution colour TFT

· Bend sequence calculation

· Crowning control

· Servo and frequency inverter control

· Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves.

· USB, peripheral interfacing

· Profile-T offline software

DA66T CNC Controller

DA66T CNC Controller from DELEM

· 2D graphical touch screen programming mode

· 3D visualisation in simulation and


· 17″ high resolution colour TFT

· Full Windows application suite

· Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)

· USB, peripheral interfacing

· User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment

· Sensor bending & correction interface

· Profile-TL offline software

Technical Data

Drawings of Press Brake

Model Force Max. Length Vertical Depth Stroke Max. Opening Power X-travel X-speed L*W*H(mm) Weight


WE67K-63T/2500 630Kn 2500mm 1960mm 400mm 150mm 480mm 5.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 2850*1750*2350 6Ton
WE67K-80T/3200 800Kn 2500mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2550 7.2Ton
WE67K-110T/3200 1100Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2600 8.0Ton
WE67K-110T/4000 1100Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 7.5KW 500mm 200mm/s 4610*1850*2700 10.5Ton
WE67K-130T/3200 1300Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 3850*1850*2600 9Ton
WE67K-130T/4000 1300Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 4610*1850*2700 11.5Ton
WE67K-170T/3200 1700Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*1900*2600 10.5Ton
WE67K-170T/4000 1700Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 11KW 500mm 200mm/s 4650*1900*2700 12.5Ton
WE67K-200T/3200 2000Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*1900*2700 12Ton
WE67K-200T/4000 2000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 4700*1900*2700 13Ton
WE67K-250T/3200 2500Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 3900*2100*2800 14Ton
WE67K-250T/4000 2500Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 15KW 500mm 200mm/s 4650*2100*2850 15.5Ton
WE67K-320T/3200 3200Kn 3200mm 2600mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 22KW 500mm 200mm/s 3930*2110*3200 19Ton
WE67K-320T/4000 3200Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 200mm 480mm 22KW 500mm 200mm/s 4830*2110*3200 22Ton
WE67K-400T/4000 4000Kn 4000mm 3200mm 400mm 320mm 600mm 30KW 500mm 200mm/s 4850*2450*3500 28Ton
WE67K-500T/6000 5000Kn 6000mm 4900mm 500mm 320mm 600mm 37KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2810*4500 42Ton
WE67K-600T/6000 6000Kn 6000mm 4900mm 500mm 320mm 600mm 45KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2910*5100 50Ton
WE67K-800T/6000 8000Kn 6000mm 4720mm 700mm 400mm 600mm 55KW 800mm 200mm/s 6500*2950*5300 75Ton


Optional ModelManufacturerRemarks
CNC system•DA-52SDelem




•ESA S640

Hydraulic system•Open loopRexroth
 •Closed loop HoerBiger
Back gauge•3+1 axisDurmapress Carbon steel 
•4+1 axis BurkeAluminum material
 •6+1 axis Burke
•8+1 axisAccurpress
Oil pump•Sunny oil pumpSunny
Main power system•AC motorSiemens
•Servo motor
  •Servo pump
Front material•Simple fixed typeDurmapress 
•Single rail movable type
  •Double track movable type
Security• Side (guardrail) + rear (guardrail)Durmapress 
 • Side (guardrail + light curtain protection) + rear (guardrail)
 • Side (guardrail + iaser protection) + rear (guardrail)
Deflection compensation•Mechanical electric compensationDurmapress 
 •Hydraulic compensation
Mold clamping•Mechanical electric compensation
 •Hydraulic compensation...
electric•Schneider RelaySchneiderOpen door power protection
Foot switch•Korean Kaikun vertical switchKorean Kaikun
Lower die•Multi-V dieDurmapress Double V core module can be segmented
 •Double V core with lower die

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