What adjustments need to be made during the use of CNC Press Brake?

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What adjustments need to be made during the use of CNC Press Brake?

The CNC Press Brake Machine encountered different adjustments in the application process and has reached the application standard. What adjustments need to be made below?

   1. Machine Used Press Brake for sale adjustment

Because the thickness of the bending plate and the size of the V-shaped opening of the lower die are different, it is necessary to adjust the stroke interval of the slider according to the needs. You can press the up and down buttons on the electrical box to make the small motor rotate forward and backward to reach the extension length of the control piston. That is, the stroke of the slider is controlled, and there is an indication beside the cylinder. Note: The slider needs to be at the top dead center (that is, the slider needs to be pressed on the travel switch) for adjustment to be useful.

   2. Adjustment of slider upper limit

  When the slider rises, the upper sleeve pulls the travel switch, so that the slider stays in the desired position, which can reduce the idle distance of the slider and improve labor productivity.

   3. The adjustment of the "slow speed" action of the slider When the slider goes down, the lower limit block pulls the travel switch to make the slider move slowly.

   4. Adjust the gap between the upper and lower molds. When the upper and lower molds are close to the V shape of the lower mold, the gap can be measured, and then the lifting interval of the slider can be revised.

   5. Workpiece bending angle adjustment The slider and worktable of the Press Brake & Shear inevitably deflect during work, so that sometimes the center angle of the bending work piece is greater than the two end angles, and the screw of the work panel can be fine-tuned so that the work piece angle is basically the same. This function has been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory. Generally, no adjustment is required.

   6. Adjustment of bending pressure

  Check the table or calculate the tonnage pressure of the folded sheet according to the pressure formula, and then adjust the handwheel of the long-distance pressure regulating valve. Make the pressure slightly larger than the tonnage of the folded plate, so that the unnecessary load of the machine can be reduced.

   7. Adjust the parallelism between the bottom surface of the slider and the table surface.

  After using for a period of time, if it is found that the angles of the two ends of the workpiece are not consistent, the adjustment block at the lower end of the cylinder can be adjusted to maintain the parallelism between the bottom of the slider and the work surface.

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