What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rigid clutch ofshearing machine 10x6000

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rigid clutch ofshearing machine 10x6000

The working principle of shearing machine 10x6000: is to convert circular motion into linear motion, by the main motor output, drive the flywheel, through the rigid clutch drive gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod operation, to achieve the linear motion of the slider, from the main motor to the connecting rod movement for circular motion. The connecting rod and the slide block need to have circular motion and linear motion of the transfer point, its design roughly have two kinds of mechanism, one is the ball type, one is the pin type (cylindrical), through this mechanism will be circular motion into the linear motion of the slide block.

The material pressure shearing machine 10x6000, the plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so you must cooperate with a set of mould (upper die and lower die), the material placed in the meantime, the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, and hours upon material caused by the force of reaction, the punch machine absorbed by the body.

Clearance noise of working mechanism. The crank connecting rod slider mechanism of punch press has three pairs of friction: crankshaft journal and crankshaft tile; Crank neck and connecting rod big head bearing bush; Connecting rod small head (ball head) and slider ball head seat. Due to manufacturing and assembly errors and work requirements, there are inevitably gaps between them. When they move each other from free movement to contact movement, woodworking band saw is bound to bring strong impact. This kind of noise has wide frequency band and strong high frequency part. The larger the gap, the higher the noise. In addition, when the clearance is constant, the higher the stroke times of the slider, the higher the noise ratio.

Rigid clutch noise. When the rigid clutch is combined, many punches will occur "jingle" sound. This is the intermittent sound produced by the collision of the inertia force of the slider and the connecting rod in the reciprocating movement and the centrifugal force of the rotary mass of the crankshaft. The influence factors of the rigid clutch noise are: the magnitude of the impulse when the rigid clutch engages is determined by the impact speed under a certain quality condition; It is also related to the stiffness and damping characteristics of the contact material itself. Clutch has two kinds of rigid and friction type, among which the key type is widely used in medium and small tonnage punch, relatively high noise, noise is caused by a series of impact.

The use of key parts of hydraulic brake plate shearing machine

Performance and characteristics of hydraulic brake plate shearing machine:

1. Introduce foreign technology from Belgium.

2, frame, tool rest vibration eliminate stress, the whole machine welding pull hair, durable.

3, advanced integrated hydraulic system, good reliability.

4. Adopt three-point supporting rolling guide rail to eliminate supporting gap and ensure shear quality.

5, blade clearance manual or electric adjustment, fast and accurate.

6. The upper and lower blades adopt four edges to increase the service time.

7, shear Angle can be electrically adjusted to reduce the enlightened shear plate.

8, with segmented fixed length shear function.

9, electric rear stopper, digital display, accurate and reliable.

10, shear end face, shear speed, shear thickness is better than the same specifications of hydraulic pendulum shear machine.

Hydraulic brake plate shearing machine and its use:

Shearing machine according to the transmission mode is divided into mechanical transmission type and hydraulic transmission type. Hydraulic gate type plate shearing machine is easy to manufacture, the blade section is rectangular, four edges can be used as the blade, so it is more durable.

Hydraulic brake plate shearing machine is widely used in various metal materials according to different needs for direct shearing, mainly suitable for iron and steel manufacturing, ships, automobiles, container manufacturing, switching appliances, machinery manufacturing and light industry and other industries. This year, the state has issued a detailed plan for the revitalization of shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing. As an important support of shipping industry and equipment manufacturing industry, it is particularly important to update the large hydraulic gate plate shears in time to meet the new requirements.

Hydraulic sluice shear return speed is slow, loud noise, unreliable work and other phenomena, and can ensure the safety and reliability of the machine tool in the case of fracture of connecting parts.

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