What are the advantages and intelligence of BS3015D-2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

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What are the advantages and intelligence of BS3015D-2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

With the rapid economic development, the development of the industrial field is very obvious, the importance of processing technology in the industrial field is gradually reflected. Laser cutting machine, as a newly advanced metal processing equipment, has played a positive role in promoting economic development in the industrial field. Laser cutting machine has been widely promoted in various industrial industries, and has completely replaced the traditional cutting machine.

BS3015D-2000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine processing as a new processing method, with its processing precision, fast, simple operation, high degree of dynamic advantages. Take a look below:

First, high cutting accuracy


Metal material is relatively hard, the use of ordinary cutting machine can not meet the cutting effect. Laser cutting machine and ordinary cutting machine is different, laser cutting fast precise direct one step in place, unlike ordinary cutting machine need manual operation control, and cutting surface can not achieve smooth, so it is easy to waste the metal material.

Two, simple daily maintenance

Machine equipment in the usual use of frequency is relatively high, so every once in a while after the need for laser cutting machine, a simple maintenance, through daily maintenance work to maintain the use of machine equipment. Laser cutting machine in maintenance is relatively simple, do not have to spend money to do maintenance work, only need to help equipment within a fixed time to drop lubricant on the line.


Low power consumption

The use of laser cutting machine in the factory almost all day to operate, if the power consumption of a machine equipment is very large, then it will increase the daily operation cost of the factory, which is also a lot of expenses. But the regular laser cutting machine is relatively low in power consumption, the use of a whole day will not consume much electricity, the cost of investment becomes much lower.

The last:

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