What are the advantages of 30t hydraulic press brake follow-up support device?

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What are the advantages of 30t hydraulic press brake follow-up support device?

When 30t hydraulic press brake in the process of work, wuxi god punching in bending sheet or wider sheet metal parts, in order to prevent workpiece deformation to ensure processing accuracy, often need operators for artificial support, and sometimes rely on artificial also can not get more satisfactory results, at this time follow up the front support mechanism is particularly important.

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In order to meet the market demand, the major brands of sheet metal bending machine have launched a variety of modes of follow-up front supporting mechanism. Generally speaking, most of the servo - controlled crank-connecting rod mechanism is adopted. The movement of crank connecting rod mechanism depends on the numerical control system to control the opening size of proportional servo valve to adjust the amount of oil in the cylinder, so as to control the synchronization of the motion speed of the supporting material and the bending speed of the sheet metal. Relatively speaking, its mechanical action is complex, but also need hydraulic cylinder for electro-hydraulic control, manufacturing cost is high, the movement trajectory is difficult to control. The whole structure of the front supporting mechanism is composed of two servomotors to drive the mechanism. For molds of different heights, in order to make the upper plane of the plate of the front supporting mechanism always on the same horizontal plane as the upper plane of the lower die, the servo motor can transfer power through the belt wheel to drive the lead screw, and drive the whole sliding seat to move up and down.

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In the sheet metal processing process, for the larger plate bending, has always been a headache, because the plate size is relatively large, plus the weight of the plate is relatively large, often need 3~4 people to fold a workpiece, the cost of manpower, so that the workpiece accuracy is relatively low, and the operator is also more tired. The following supporting device is a good solution to this problem, which not only saves the labor, but also improves the production efficiency, and the workpiece accuracy is also much higher.

Bending machine supporting wheel frame adopts screw and pull rod mechanical transmission technology, supporting wheel frame in the use process, to ensure that the supporting plate and the upper plane of the next mold flush. In the use of different height of mould need carrier wheel frame rise or fall, by rotating the handwheel pull (rotate handwheel and left-right rotating screw connection in the middle position, use left and right hand thread around rotating screw, respectively with left-hand thread nut and right hand thread nut connection, left and right hand thread nut and feeder wheel lifting connected bar, In the process of rotating handwheel rotation through the left and right screw rotation thread drive left and right screw nut respectively to move in opposite directions on both sides.

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