What are the advantages of BS60220T- 3000W fiber laser cutting machine in cutting applications?

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What are the advantages of BS60220T- 3000W fiber laser cutting machine in cutting applications?

As one of the core components of manufacturing equipment, BS60220T- 3000W  fiber laser cutting machine conforms to the background of industrial manufacturing transformation, and is competent for multi-dimensional processing application requirements with high difficulty and great changes. Fiber laser material processing advantages make it favored in the market, effectively solve the high production cost, low production efficiency of pain points, so there is a huge market space.

Taking laser cutting application as an example, the processing characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine and YAG solid laser cutting machine are compared to explore the advantages and development potential of fiber laser in laser cutting application.

Low cost high efficiency fiber laser cutting advantages prominent

Fiber Laser cutter 02

(1) Operation requirements and maintenance

The CO2 laser requires optical path adjustment, which affects the cutting quality. Therefore, the operator must have certain skills and maintain the external optical path. The thermal lensing effect of YAG solid-state laser is obvious and needs frequent maintenance.

And fiber laser fiber transmission, no regulation, no maintenance, high stability, more simple operation.

Fiber Laser cutter 03

(2) Cutting speed and effect

The cutting speed of fiber laser is 2-3 times that of CO2 laser of the same power. Especially in the cutting of thin metal plate, the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in the three types of laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine beam quality is better, cutting gap is smaller, cutting edge is more flat.

Fiber Laser cutter 06

(3) Material applicability and application industry

Fiber laser more in line with sheet metal manufacturing, 3C household appliances industry, new energy industry processing requirements.

(4) Energy consumption degree and comprehensive cost

Fiber laser cutting more precise, small heat affected zone, small slit, small workpiece deformation. As a kind of flexible processing mode, Bidimensional laser cutting machine can be combined with automatic control system, automatic tracking, automatic edge seeking, automatic nesting, greatly improve the production efficiency, its widely used in metal cutting, better performance, can better meet the requirements of fine cutting processing.

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