What are the advantages of laser cleaning machine compared with other brands of 100W laser cleaning machine?

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What are the advantages of laser cleaning machine compared with other brands of 100W laser cleaning machine?

The device is light in weight and has strong portability or mobility.

- 100W laser cleaning machine, we use an integrated high strength injection molding rod chassis, the total weight of 28kg, convenient to carry high-speed railway or air freight. Compared with other brands, taking Huagong and Dazu as an example, the weight of its 300W laser cleaning machine is 66kg and 50kg respectively

(from its product publicity materials)


-200 watts and 300 watts are air-cooled, greatly reducing the size and weight of the equipment. Most other products are around one cubic meter in size. Our device is about half that size. Other water-cooled 200-watt laser cleaning equipment weighs about 170kg, while our air-cooled 200-watt cleaning machine weighs only 100kg.

(2) 100 watts, 200 watts, 300 watts are all air-cooled, the equipment energy consumption is lower.

- Take 200W as an example, while other similar products have maximum power consumption of 2KW or above, our maximum power consumption is less than 1KW.

(3) compact laser head, convenient hand-held cleaning.

- The laser adopts customized output armoured cable for laser cleaning. The laser head is light and flexible with weight less than 1kg. The weight of the laser head of similar products is generally about 3kg.

(4) MOPA fiber laser has adjustable pulse width, large pulse energy and wide frequency adjustment range.

- MOPA fiber laser, adjustable pulse width, can expand more applications, from short pulse width peak power to long pulse wide energy, to meet different application scenarios. Short pulse width can reduce heat input, reduce thermal effect and improve the oxidation of some substrates

Color problems, large pulse energy can improve the cleaning capacity, improve the efficiency of paint removal applications.


- The pulse energy of 1.5MJ (100W), 12MJ (200W) and 15MJ (300W) is the highest of similar products.

The supporting laser cleaning special control system, wireless controller remote control, simple operation interface.

- When cleaning large workpieces or working in the space where some equipment is inconvenient to move, the parameters can be easily adjusted through the wireless controller, without the need to move the device or go to the device to adjust the parameters, the operation is more humanized.

- The interface is also very simple, as shown below, with only 12 parameters to choose from. After the trained engineer has set the parameters, the operator can not modify the cleaning parameters at will during the operation. Password is required to enter the parameter modification interface, which prevents the operator from intentionally or unintentionally changing the cleaning parameters and resulting in cleaning failure.

⑥ Red light assisted focusing technology

- With the aid of red light, the focus position can be changed with the replacement of field mirror, and the focus position can be changed with new one

The hands are very friendly.

The middle and high power laser adopts modular design, which can combine the low power beam into the high power output, and has higher stability and reliability.

More customized services, including power, waveform, brightness, cable length, etc., can be customized according to the needs of different applications.


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