What are the advantages of laser cleaning machine rust removal

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What are the advantages of laser cleaning machine rust removal

Rust is the inevitable existence of some metal products, in order to make the product beautiful and continue to use, we have to carry out rust removal. Laser cleaning machine is born for this, laser cleaning machine rust removal effect is significant, can effectively remove rust, it has what advantages?

1, laser cleaning machine derusting is non-contact, can be transmitted through optical fiber, and robot or manipulator joint, easy to achieve remote operation, can clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the parts, is a good choice for cleaning and maintenance of ships, aircraft, weapons and equipment.


2. In addition to rust removal, laser cleaning machine can also clean up different types of pollutants on the surface of various materials, achieving high cleanliness, which is a new application of surface engineering treatment. Pulse laser is more suitable for titanium alloy surface cleaning and descaling, stainless steel bead cleaning, stainless steel welding spot cleaning, precision parts before and after welding surface cleaning, flange cleaning; Ultraviolet lasers are suitable for cleaning large components.

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3, the laser cleaning machine through the threshold calculation parameter setting, no contact, no grinding, no thermal effect, does not hurt the base material human body, easy operation, especially suitable for mold, cultural relics cleaning.

4, laser cleaning machine rust removal does not need chemical solution, no environmental pollution problems caused by chemical cleaning, is the replacement of pickling phosphating new technology, new process, new method.

5, laser cleaning machine rust cleaning after the waste to form a solid powder, small volume easy to deal with, do not cause re pollution to the environment, green environmental protection, is the reform and development trend of industrial cleaning.

6, pickling, sandblasting and other traditional cleaning process because of its inevitable formation of visible damage to the surface of the base material, is not suitable for the cleaning treatment of the sheet material below 30mm, and the laser cleaning machine can show its skill.


7, laser cleaning machine has strong flexibility and controllability, through different parameter Settings, the same laser cleaning machine can make the surface rough improve adhesion; Can preset effect set different laser power, frequency, aperture, focal length, etc., not over the limit as little as possible, only cleaning the required range and intensity, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

8, laser cleaning machine can effectively clean micron pollution particles, to achieve controllable fine cleaning, suitable for precision instruments, precision parts cleaning treatment.

9, laser cleaning machine derusting can be used for a long time and stably, without consumable materials, only a small amount of electricity, low maintenance and operation cost, can easily realize automatic operation, once put into infinite cycle use.

10, laser cleaning machine belongs to physical dry cleaning, replace the waste of water resources of traditional industrial cleaning, replace the traditional surface treatment required cleaning liquid, detergent, eliminate ODS ozone depleting substances, low carbon water saving and energy saving.

In the environmental protection regulations more and more strict requirements, people's environmental protection and safety awareness is increasing today, laser cleaning machine rust removal can reduce the use of chemical agents and mechanical cleaning methods, its efficient, environmental protection, cleaning characteristics, will be more and more widely used.

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