What are the advantages of numerical control front feed gate shearing machine in practice?

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What are the advantages of numerical control front feed gate shearing machine in practice?

CNC front feed gate shearing machine has three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic. The motorized rear stopper device and electronic counter are used to conveniently adjust the position of the rear stopper. With the whole welding frame structure, and the vibration aging treatment, the machine has good rigidity, high precision and good accuracy retention. The tool rest is made of steel structure, which moves up and down along the roller under the action of the oil cylinder to realize the shearing action. The front feed frame is made of steel structure, which is tempered to eliminate internal stress, strong rigidity and good stability.

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CNC shearing machine and shearing machine, these two, belong to the shearing machine this big category, and, between them is a subordinate relationship. Therefore, in essence, there is no difference between them. The numerical control plate shearing machine, which can be woven into steps to work, so as to save working time, improve work efficiency.


What are the advantages of numerical control front feed gate shearing machine in practice?

1. Improvement of work efficiency: Traditional work style of the shearing machine is usually cut sheet staff to send the sheet and then repeatedly, if cut sheet size changes, the shearing machine operators have to adjust the tooling additionally, get what you want size, continue processing operation, work efficiency is relatively low, and the use of this machine is a different story, As long as you want to get the size of the plate into the CNC cutting plate feeding machine control system, the plate will automatically feed, cut out the qualified plate size, do not need tedious repeated adjustment tooling, work efficiency greatly improved.

2, labor intensity reduction: the machine in the process of feeding does not need staff to repeatedly push the plate and other work, also do not need to repeatedly adjust the tooling line, etc., only need the staff to press the start button, automatic feeding plate shearing machine to achieve the whole sheet of complete, personnel work is very easy.

3. Accurate size of the cutting plate: the processing accuracy of the feeding machine is 0.20mm, and there will be no size error caused by the positioning, marking or negligence of the staff of the old plate shearing machine.

DAC360S 系统

4, first of all, it is the use of the principle of gravity: when the board is whole or larger, with the rear block positioning; When cutting continuously to the last piece, positioning by the back block alone may not be able to hold down or operate dangerously, that is, when cutting the plate to the last time, useful.

5. In addition, the front block is used to locate the residual material.

6, when the plate is relatively thin, the positioning may not be fixed with the back block, but also with the front block to locate.

7. In the case of small amount, it is generally used to pull a tape measure, basically not.

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