What are the characteristics of CNC Punching Machine

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What are the characteristics of CNC Punching Machine

CNC Punching Machine has a very wide range of applications, and some functions are irreplaceable, not to say that the laser cutting machine can solve the cutting, and vice versa, not to say that the CNC punch can solve all the required functions. Typical representative, CNC punching civilian: aluminum veneer punching, chassis cabinets, kitchenware and so on. So what are the characteristics of CNC punch?

1: easy to use, save the mould cost: CNC punch press is the pressure processing equipment of cimc machine, electricity, liquid integration products, used in all kinds of sheet metal parts processing (less than 6 mm), can automatically complete a variety of complex groove and the shallow deep drawing forming, (processing automatically in accordance to the pitch of different sizes and different shapes of holes, Small die can also be used to punch large round holes, square holes, waist holes and various shapes of the curve profile, but also for special processing, such as shutters, shallow stretching, countersunk holes, flanging holes, strengthen Angle imprint, etc.). Through the simple mold combination relatively dry traditional stamping saves a lot of mold costs, can use low cost and short cycle processing of small batch, diversified products have a larger processing range and processing capacity, so as to timely live the market and product changes!

2: high precision: CNC punch cutting precision, punching burr small, good smoothness of the workpiece, less subsequent processing, low reject rate, high forming quality, number of punching processing size accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.1mm, product size consistency is good.

3: high production efficiency, fast delivery time: CNC punch processing speed general hydraulic equipment stroke rate up to 500~600 times /min some of its up to 900 times /min maximum positioning speed up to 100m/min above. The dry large size sheet can be basically up to one) work can be completed, unlike the traditional processing need multiple processes in many different equipment processing. In this way, due to the reduction of intermediate links, reduce the post-processing process, reduce the mold design and so on, and through the simple CNC integrated mold processing, greatly saving the labor force,

The costs.

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CNC punch operation process

Input the processing program into the NUMERICAL control system, the specific operation method is:

1. Start the CNC machine

The CNC machine is started through the mechanical control panel, then the MACHINING program is input by the CRT/MDI panel, and then the machining program is run

1) Start nc machine operation

1 Machine start button ON

2 Program lock button OF

2) Edit operation

1 Select MDI or EDIT

According to 2 (PRGRM)

3 Enter the program name. Enter the program address and program number and press INSRT.

punch 2

4 Type the program segment

5 Enter the program segment number and press INPUT to operate the instruction code

3) Run program operations

1 Program lock button ON

2 Select automatic cycle

2. Invoke program operations

Call has been stored in the NUMERICAL control system of the processing program, the specific operation method through the mechanical operation panel to start the NUMERICAL control machine tool, then call the system of the processing program, and then run the program.

1) After moving nc machine wood operation

1 Machine start button ON

Program lock button OFF

2) Call program operations

1 Select MDI or EDIT

2 press (PRGRM)

3 Calling a program Type the program address and program number and press INPUT.

3) Run program operations

1 Program lock button ON

2 Select automatic cycle

3 Press the automatic cycle button.


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