What are the improvements in CNC press brake machine technology?Numerical control hydraulic bending machine processing technology knowledge what?

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What are the improvements in CNC press brake machine technology?Numerical control hydraulic bending machine processing technology knowledge what?

Numerical control technology has been widely used in sheet metal machine tools. It solves the problems of high precision, complex shape and large batch in sheet metal processing.CNC sheet metal machine tools include CNC shearing machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC punch press, 3200mm CNC press brake machine, welding machine, flame cutting machine and so on.

Slider part: generally for hydraulic transmission, in the composition, it includes the slider, oil cylinder and mechanical baffle fine-tuning structure.Moreover, the numerical value of the mechanical block is controlled and adjusted by the numerical control system.

Synchronous system: mainly for mechanical synchronous system, the main advantage is simple structure and stable and reliable performance.Its main part, is a torsion shaft, swing arm and joint bearing.

Workbench part: its control, is completed by the button box.Its moving distance is controlled by the NUMERICAL control system, and in the front and rear positions, are equipped with a travel switch limit device.

Retaining structure: it is generally driven by motor, and its size is mainly controlled by numerical control system.

Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd   NUMERICAL control bending is the last step of sheet metal forming. The following points should be paid attention to if the parts can be unfolded and bent into forming:

1. Lack of material, as shown in the figure below, the boss is too high and exceeds the ductility of the material. The boss is generally used to raise the installation size or avoid installation conflicts.For example, the Angle of the boss cone is 45° from the base level, and the height is 3 times of the plate thickness.

2. Redundant materials: Redundant materials are usually closed at multiple bending edges, most of which are process errors or drawing errors.

3. Bending restrictions: Most hydraulic bending machine manufacturers have restrictions on bending.

Unilateral height: the size of the bending machine and the height of the knife, the solution can be multi-lateral Angle bending.

Bilateral height: not greater than the maximum unilateral height, in addition to all restrictions on unilateral height, also subject to the bottom limit: bend height < bottom.

4. As the sheet metal is formed by bending a piece of metal sheet, the contact of the bending edge is not sealed and has no hard connection. If not handled, the strength will be affected.

The application in production greatly improves the processing capacity, ensures the quality and output of sheet metal parts, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

WE67K Series CNC press brake mold material is generally used T8 or T10, some better 42CrMo, Cr12mov material, etc., it is the main requirements of high strength, high toughness and good wear resistance, choose cold mold steel bar.42CrMo is mainly used for CNC bending machine dies.The practical performance can be satisfied, and the technological performance is good.

The mould precision of the bending machine we made is: the parallelism of the upper mould is 0.02mm, the center tolerance is within 10 seconds;Lower die parallelism, straightness 0.03mm, slot tolerance within 10 seconds.

1, in order to choose the appropriate bending machine mold for the bending machine equipment, first of all, the type of bending machine to have a global grasp, the specific need to understand the bending machine brand, size and actual tonnage and other factors.After being familiar with these factors, the selection of the mold can be based on these facts.

2, in case of bending machine due to too long service life caused by the brand blurred so that can not see clearly, it is recommended to try to bend the mold sample sent to the manufacturer to this specification.

3. If it is involved in the production of the folding die, the matching degree between the upper and lower dies is usually higher.If the match is not in place, the result of the bending procedure is likely to fail to meet the production quality specification and requirements.

The body of Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd electro-hydraulic servo synchronous full NUMERICAL control bending machine is welded as a whole and processed as a whole after aging treatment to ensure the overall accuracy and reliability of the machine.The hydraulic system adopts German vertical closed-loop control mode and is controlled by Italian ESA numerical control system.The upper chamber of the oil cylinder is installed with Lux synchronous valve block, and the balance and pressure uniformity of the upper and lower sliding blocks are tested by imported Grating ruler from Germany, which ensures the synchronization and bending precision of the sliding blocks.

Only need to input the thickness, width, tensile strength and bending Angle of the sheet, the system will automatically control the pressure and the dead point under the slider, without manual adjustment.The workbench uses the mechanical deflection compensation system, because the mechanical compensation point is several times more than the hydraulic compensation point, so the mechanical compensation effect is far greater than the hydraulic compensation, to achieve no blind area effective compensation, improve the bending precision, ensure long-term stability.


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