What are the maintenance procedures for shearing machines?

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What are the maintenance procedures for shearing machines?

What are the maintenance procedures for shearing machines? Specifically, mainly including the following content, for: minor repair, repair, overhaul, commissioning and acceptance, the following from these four aspects, respectively, to introduce in detail about the shearing machine maintenance procedures, so that readers have reference in the future.


A, minor repairs  shearing machines


1. Remove and check some severely worn parts.


2. Remove dirt accumulation, adjust clearance and relative position to replace or repair parts that cannot be used and parts that cannot reach accuracy.


3. Local repair and scratch or fill the scratch and dent.


4. During minor repair, the appearance of the equipment is generally not painted.

DAC360 Shear 4


Second, to repair


1. Disassemble and decompose the parts that need to be repaired.


2. Repair main parts and reference parts, and replace or repair unusable parts.


3. Losing precision or scratching the sliding surface of parts such as sliding block and slideway.


4. It can be disassembled on site for medium repair or repaired in the machine repair shop. If necessary, the surface of the equipment should be repainted or painted.

 electrical parts

Three, overhaul


1. Disassemble all parts of the assembly and transport them to the machine repair shop, and then decompose and clean the parts.


2. Repair reference parts and replace or repair all non-conforming parts.


3. Process or scrape all datum and sliding surfaces.


4. After the whole machine is assembled, the surface of the equipment shall be painted, and then precision inspection and test acceptance shall be carried out.


Test run and acceptance


1. Preparation before test run


(1) After the final assembly and adjustment of the machine tool, clean all parts and remove the dirt around the machine tool.


(2) The electrical system should be firmly installed, and the automatic and manual interlocking devices and limit devices should be firm, safe and reliable.


(3) Check the lubrication system and ensure that the pipeline is smooth and without leakage.


(4) The maneuvering action of each part should be manually tested first, and then maneuvering test should be carried out after confirmation and no obstruction.


2. Idle running test


(1) Continuous air operation for 2 hours, check each part of the machine mechanism, should work normally, stable performance, safe and reliable.


(2) The work with 60% of the maximum thickness should be selected for load test until the maximum thickness. In the load test, all the machine tools and electrical systems should work normally, and there should be no obvious impact, vibration and other abnormal phenomena.

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