What are the operating methods of the high-speed shearing machine?

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What are the operating methods of the high-speed shearing machine?

Only after we have a clear understanding of the various parts of the CNC shearing machine can we operate better, then what is the structure of the used shear machine? Let's explore the following:

1. The frame adopts steel structural parts, the left and right vertical plates, the workbench and the pressure plate are welded into a whole structure. After welding, the internal stress is eliminated by tempering, so the overall rigidity is high and the stability is high.

2. The tool post is made of steel structural parts. Under the thrust of the cylinders on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin to complete the shearing action without the need for a guide rail system. When the shearing ends, the tool post will return quickly and automatically under the action of the return cylinder. It has a mechanism for quickly adjusting the blade gap, and the scale value is displayed on the dial.

3. The backgauge of the hydraulic shear machine is installed on the tool post and swings with the tool post. The adjustment of the stopper distance is driven by a motor, and is transmitted to the left and right screw rods through a transmission shaft and a pair of sprocket pairs, respectively, which drives the stopper frame to move forward and backward along the guide rod. There are two button operations, which are the forward and backward coarse adjustment buttons. When one of these buttons is pressed, the back gauge moves forward and backward quickly.

4. The hydraulic system is installed on the end face of the oil tank, and the oil tank is fixed on the frame beam, which is easy to clean and disassemble. The system pressure is supplied by the oil pump. Under the control of the electric hydraulic system, each valve can realize the sequence action of pressing the material by the presser foot and the downward cutting of the tool post and other various action specifications.

5. The material pressing device is mainly composed of a set of material pressing cylinders. Before the tool post moves downward, the plunger of the material pressing cylinder overcomes the act

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