What are the requirements for the cylinder of the Sheet Metal Bending Machine

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What are the requirements for the cylinder of the Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Maintenance process of hydraulic cylinder:

1. Before the hydraulic cylinder is removed, clean the appearance in the rough cleaning pool.

2. Disassemble and disassemble on the working platform, disassembly rack or clamp platform.Disassembly of hydraulic cylinders and other places is not allowed.

3. After disassembly, clean the parts and components, and repair the parts that need to be repaired.

4. Turn the parts and components of the hydraulic cylinder with assembly conditions to the assembly section, and clean the parts and components with the washing device.And then it's assembled.

5, factory test.

Inspection of hydraulic cylinder

After the hydraulic cylinder is dismantled, the first thing to do is to check the appearance of each part of the hydraulic cylinder. According to the experience and detection and measurement data, we can judge which parts can continue to be used, and which parts must be replaced and repaired.

The inner surface of the cylinder cylinder has a very shallow linear friction or point scars, is allowed, does not affect the use.If there are deep longitudinal tear marks (generally no more than 0.2mm), it is impossible to prevent oil leakage even if the piston sealing ring is replaced with a new one. The inner hole must be honed and can also be corrected with very fine sandpaper or oilstone.When the longitudinal pull is deep mark (generally more than 0.2mm) and can not be corrected, it is necessary to use brush plating and other methods to repair or replace the new cylinder, in this case, determined by the technical personnel, fill in the "hydraulic components maintenance scrap proposal" and the user to negotiate solution, replace the cylinder or scrap the hydraulic cylinder.For the deformation of the cylinder and the failure to seal, the technical personnel determined, fill in the "hydraulic components maintenance scrap proposal" and negotiate with the user to solve the problem, replace the cylinder or scrap the hydraulic cylinder.

The sliding surface of the piston rod produces longitudinal strain or marks on the sliding surface of the piston rod with the piston rod sealing ring for relative sliding.The judgment and treatment methods are the same as the inner surface of the cylinder.However, the sliding surface of the piston rod is generally plated with hard chromium. If a part of the plating layer is peeled off due to wear and tear, and longitudinal scars are formed, the external oil leakage at the piston rod seal will have a great impact.The old plating must be removed, chromed and polished again.The thickness of chrome plating is about 0.05mm.Sealing piston seals and piston rod seals are the key parts to prevent oil leakage inside and outside the hydraulic cylinder.Check the seal should first observe whether the lip of the seal is injured, and the friction of the sealing friction surface.When it is found that there are scars on the sealing lip and wear on the friction surface, replace the new sealing parts.For use for a long time, the material of hardening and brittle seals must be replaced.When replacing seals, it is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of seals and hydraulic media.

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With the development of the bending machine in recent years, there are all kinds of systems on the market.So how to choose a wide range of systems, in fact, as long as the following estimates are much simpler.First: the system must be simple to operate.We use CNC bending machine is to bring convenience to us, to create more value for us.If the system design is complex and the operation is tedious, then the system may not be suitable for us, no matter how good it is.Just think of our staff system operation is a problem, that can also play the system should be efficient and accurate?So an excellent numerical control system must be simple to operate, easy to learn and easy to choose.

The system has to be stable

It's obvious that the system is stable and as you know, we don't want to have a problem a few days after we buy the machine, which will affect our mood and delay production.So how do we know that the system is stable?

1. We should look at the years of its existence in the market, reputation and quantity of ownership, and see whether the product is mature or not.If a product has not passed the test and affirmation of the market, then the system is not mature, and there will inevitably be such and such small problems.

2, we have to look at the system manufacturer, senior automation manufacturers will produce a more stable system.In fact, CNC machine tools, its essence is mechanical automation, general college students can develop but few can be successfully applied, why?In fact, the ideal environment is far from the actual environment, without a core technical team, it is impossible to develop a satisfactory system. 

See if the manufacturer is timely after sale

R axis for back gauge

After using the bending machine, please pay attention to maintenance. The following notes:

When we use the bending machine, we should pay attention to the other side of the bending machine for cleaning and wiping. Before wiping the bending machine, we must power off the bending machine. If there is no power off on the bending machine for cleaning, it is not only the bending machine, but also cause harm to our own personal safety.

After wiping the bending machine, we should check the oil level in the tank of the bending machine. Once the oil level is too low, we should refuel the bending machine in time to prevent the oil in the tank from running out and causing damage to the bending machine.After adding oil, we should clean the filter screen of the tank of the bending machine. If there is debris entering the tank, it will cause different degrees of damage to the bending machine.

If we encounter some problems in use that we can't solve, we must ask for after-sales help to repair, don't do it yourself.

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