What are the specific requirements for the configuration of portable laser cleaning machine?

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What are the specific requirements for the configuration of portable laser cleaning machine?

What are the specific requirements for the configuration of portable laser cleaning machine? The practical knowledge of laser cutting machine I believe we have seen in many places, today we will follow xiaobian to see some different knowledge of laser cutting machine, let you have more understanding of laser cutting machine the following is the laser finishing laser cutting machine configuration of some specific requirements:

1KW Fiber laser welder

Processing and application of laser cutting machine has the advantage in processing large thickness steel plate, however, with the increase of flame perforation thickness, will be more strict with the temperature of the equipment and the environment at present, the final cutting thickness of the laser cutting machine has more than 1000 mm how to achieve such an astonishing cutting thickness, the key lies in the configuration and the combination of cutting gas.

Laser cutting machine processing involves the mixing of different types of gas in order to improve the cutting quality and efficiency, similar cutting gas source combination is also different in the relevant parameter Settings. At present, the domestic mainstream laser cutting machine equipment adopts parameter preset mode, in the early stage of cutting processing by personnel input relevant cutting parameters for operation, Are different parameters, such as preheating time, cutting speed and torch height, really suitable for the cutting of this material? The following small editor would like to talk about our views on this issue.

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For cutting torch flame master key on the air, oxygen to most of the oxygen piping, the purity of oxygen and pressure generally can meet the use requirements, but gas for bottled gas, 30 kilograms of a bottle of gas, in the size of the 5 machine flow, use time in 2 hours so, middle air supply must be replaced and it will cause gas pressure fluctuation is bigger, directly affect the gas flow, The pressure of the bottle gas at the beginning and end of each bottle of gas also fluctuates greatly. Warm water heating on site is a good way to ensure the stability of the gas source.

Laser cutting machine in the use of high temperature cutting materials formed by gas combustion at the same time, in order to ensure the cutting quality effect, the general cutting gas source has qualitative and quantitative requirements, including the purity of cutting gas source, pressure and ratio, etc., in the actual operation of laser cutting machine, there are many aspects that need to pay attention to, In addition to the basic cutting speed, cutting thickness has been cutting height, cutting gas also need to always pay attention to.

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To ensure the integrity of the current equipment, usually should be based on the operating rules, regularly check the leakage of pipelines, joints and other places, lubrication of bearings, pin holes and other places, cleaning the cutting nozzle, cooling water pipe and other daily routine work, to ensure normal operation.

These are the specific requirements of fiber laser cutting machine for configuration, we must not ignore when using laser cutting machine after.

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