What do you need to know to buy a better machines hydraulic press brake?

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What do you need to know to buy a better machines hydraulic press brake?

Machines hydraulic press brake is a factory in mold production of a machine, bending machine is relying on the pressure of the machine itself, and according to the process of programming for some preset workpiece bending and shaping. Many people may have more or less understanding of the bending machine before buying the bending machine. We must choose carefully before choosing the bending machine, because once we choose improperly, our own production costs will rise rapidly.

Before the choose and buy bending machine, we should learn in the early production factory that you want to buy the bending machine factory, second, we must first know their artifacts need to how much tonnage of bending machine, bending machine generally how much will have more or less error, error of the basically is to see how much you can accept, you can choose to a desired bending machine.


Before selecting bending machine, be sure to shop around, or is a look at online offer, look at the bending machine which is more economical and practical, then select the appropriate after bending machine, we must go to the field to understand in the production of bending machine factory, mainly is to look at the bending machine manufacturer's service ability, whether can be folded in half bending machine is equipped with special after-sale service cannot, if there is no after-sale, Damage to a large machine like a bending machine can be a real headache. After selecting a good bending machine, the manufacturer must be required to test the machine to see whether there is a problem with the bending machine.


In the selection of bending machine, these little common sense is often ignored, now I hope you can pay attention to, choose a good bending machine.

Before the maintenance and wiping of the bending machine, we must remember to power off to ensure the safety of the personnel checking the bending machine. Maintain bending machine, limited to check the oil level of gas is *, if once the oil level in the tank is lower than the oil window, then it should be timely to bending machine for refueling, when we choose to new bending machine, we also according to the requirement of the instruction on the new machine for an oil change, oil change again after we remember careful to clean fuel tank. In particular, the filter must be thoroughly cleaned, and the filter on the oil tank of the bending machine should be replaced once a year.


To prevent some stolen goods into the bending machine, affect the normal production. In use, we also need to check the temperature of the oil in the tank, in case the temperature is too high and the machine is damaged. Use the bending machine, if there is a noise in the machine, stop using immediately, after cutting off the power supply for a thorough inspection of the bending machine, if it is some big faults must not be handled by themselves, the best with the sales of bending machine manufacturers, let manufacturers send professional after-sales personnel to the bending machine system inspection.

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